Thoughts on the Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young feud… we can’t have “freedom of expression” anymore? What happened to that???

All day long the news and social media were going off on this Joe Rogan vs. Neil Young feud that just started. Neil Young, the legendary singer/songwriter (who I am a fan of myself) sends out a public threatening letter to Spotify to take his entire music catalouge off the platform simply because he didn’t want to be on the same platform as podcaster, Joe Rogan is on. Neil accuses Rogan of spreading misinformation about “covid-19” and “vaccines” without going into specifics and didn’t provide examples of how Joe is wrong on things.

I think it took Spotify a few days to do it, so they just did it… took Neil’s music off the platform. I think they only did it ’cause they did it out of fear of a possible “lawsuit” or something?

Anyway, Joe did nothing wrong as I’m just hearing that he just tells the truth and talks his opinions about covid, the pandemic and vaccines which he has every right to… ’cause this is America right? I also believe that Joe Rogan is getting attacked and hated on like crazy simply cause he found other ways to quickly recover from covid other than the vaccine. Joe found on his own other ways to recover quickly than what the media says and now everyone thinks Joe is a bad man?

So what if Joe is wrong about the things he says about covid is wrong? Does he deserve all this backlash, hatred and bullying from the media and the liberal left? No, he absolutely didn’t deserve all this backlash he’s getting. He got covid and found his own way to recover from it, how does that make him a bad person? The answer is people just can’t take the truth that there are other ways to recover from covid than what the media is teaching you.

I thought this was the United States of America? What happened to Freedom of Expression? If you want to believe that vaccines and masks work like sheep that’s fine. That’s your right to believe that but it’s also other people’s right to disagree with you. This is just typical left-wing behavior, nothing new… them attacking others ’cause they disagreed with them. It’s all part of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Nothing to see here.

Anyhow, what is Neil Young’s problem with Joe? Neil Young is an artist that nobody cares about anymore… I mean, Neil has only 6 million listeners in Spotify which technically is not good and that’s proof of it. Joe Rogan himself has more than 11 million listeners and tons of subscribers so what’s Neil’s problem? Jealous much?

I love Neil Young’s music and still do but at the same time, I think the guy is an arrogant asshole and always has been. I still do listen to Neil Young music but I’m allowed to disagree with him.

Joe is entitled to his opinions and beliefs. He’s allowed to say what he wants. Joe is a leftist guy himself but he has some right-wing opinions so I see Joe as a centrist kind of guy. His political views are mixed and I’m okay with that.

I’m a big podcast listener myself and I’ve listened to some of Joe’s show before.


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