Don’t apologize for your art ’cause art doesn’t apologizes even in music…

In the past, I was writing dark songs and writing lyrics in songs that made some people uncomfortable and offended some listeners. I used to feel bad about that and vowed to only write family/friendly and positive songs but after thinking about it a long while, I never had to. I’ve just learned recently that you don’t have to apologize for your art. I’ve learned that art was never meant to make people feel comfortable to begin with even in music. Art doesn’t apologizes and it’s true.

When you write songs and make music, you can write music the way you want to and how you want to. I think the best music is when songwriters write music like that. Some songs maybe very dark and unsettling for some but sometimes that’s the best music you’ll ever hear.

So many bands & artists today wrote lyrics how they wanted, didn’t matter how dark they were. That’s why so many bands & artists make albums with a “parental advisory” warning on them. Not only metal bands wrote songs the way they wanted but artists of any genre.

If you want to write songs full swearing and bad language go ahead. You want to write songs about dark stuff and want to to go on angry rants about something, go ahead. Want to write songs about sex and other uncomfortable topics, go ahead.

That’s the beauty of songwriting is the freedom… being able to write whatever you want, no holds barred anything goes. Use lyric writing as a way to speak your mind about stuff.

If I ever get back to songwriting, I’ll just continue to make songs the way I want to.

Some may feel offended and question your songwriting but at the same time there will be some that will love your stuff. You’ll never know who’s been listening to you. Sometimes the dark and controversial lyrics actually helps some listeners so they become a fan for that reason.

Anyways, my darker songs almost always got the most “listeners” than the positive/happy stuff. Take that for what you will. I guess, I don’t regret writing my older songs and glad I wrote them.

I need to write a new batch of songs ’cause it’s been a while. Itching for new stuff myself.


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