Thoughts on the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” nominees this year… or should I say? “Rock and Roll Hall of Shame”???

Like always, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame nominees have been having less and less “rock n’ roll” each year. Are they really “anti-rock” like a lot of people been saying? I would say so. We’ve been seeing more rap, country and pop in the Hall of Fame lately, it’s ridiculous. I used to defend the Hall of Shame but not anymore. I’m getting fed up with them myself and it’s much worse this year.

Not much for actual rock n’ roll this year with the exception of Judas Priest, Pat Benatar, Rage Against the Machine, MC5, Duran Duran and the New York Dolls.

Beck is rock n’ roll yes but he’s done just abut every genre… folk, country, rock, rap/hip hop, dance.

Love Dolly but she don’t really belong, in my opinion.

So my picks for inductions would be Judas Priest ’cause they are more rock n’ roll than anything and they are another “rock” band that should have gotten an induction a long time ago. Another long overdue induction. I wouldn’t be surprised that Judas Priest get ignored this year.

I would also have to pick Pat Benatar, she gets nominated a lot but she never gets in… hoping and praying she gets it this year. Yeah, she’s “pop/rock” but her songs are more “rock n’ roll” than anything.

RATM are totally worthy even though I didn’t listen to them much over the years.

I’d also pick Duran Duran ’cause they’re great and totally worthy.

Lionel Ritchie and Eurythmics would get my vote too even though they fall in “pop/rock”.

The New York Dolls is also another long overdue induction that deserves to get in.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the rock bands and artists get ignored again and I’m sure Dolly, Eminem and A Tribe Called Quest will probably get in and not Judas Priest. *sigh*

I’m a huge Judas Priest fan even though I own a couple of albums by them, love their music. I hope they get it this time ’cause that’s another induction that is definitely long overdue. They totally deserve it. I won’t be surprised they get snubbed and you shouldn’t either.


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