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Batgirl is finally getting her own live action movie, female superheroes to finally take over the movie industry soon???

So “Wonder Women” is getting her own movie this year. We have “Captain Marvel” coming out in 2019. Now we have Warner Bros. greenlighting a “Batgirl” movie to be written and directed by Joss Whedon.


I think this is a pretty big sign that females in superhero films are gonna soon take over, big time. I think there will be many more female superhero films coming in the future. What other female superheroes can they make movies of?

Well, I think they should give Supergirl another try. I think Harley Quinn would get her own movie soon. There’s also She-Hulk, that would be pretty cool. It would also be cool if Jean Grey of the X-Men can get her own film. There’s also Kitty Pryde and Hawkgirl, a few more to name.

As far as Batgirl goes, I wonder what version of Batgirl that Whedon is planning on going for? I hope he plans on going for the Barbara Gordon/Oracle story ’cause that would be pretty cool. If he decides to go for the original Betty Kane, I’ll be alright with that as well. I hope Whedon picks a good actress for Batgirl and hope he does a good job with it.

I think we definitely need more female lead superhero films for sure ’cause there isn’t much out there. I do think however, the only reason WB’s want to make a Batgirl movie is they are hoping to compete against Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” movie. Period?