Bill O’ Reilly shares photos of Obama wearing Muslim garb… of course, liberals are outraged…


Sometimes I don’t understand those dumb liberals. They believe it’s all wonderful and great for celebrities like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali being Muslims but when it comes to Barack Obama, they get all mad and get all offended. Liberals are like, “It’s not true”, “Barack is no Muslim”, “You’re a racist”. I don’t get liberals at all… is it great to be a Muslim or not? They seem to be champions for Islam but they don’t like it when Barack gets called a Muslim. It’s really insane, man. Wow.

On the Bill O’ Reilly show, Bill shares never-before seen photos of Barack wearing Muslim garb and claims to be at Malik’s muslim wedding. Keep in mind this wasn’t the first time that Barack has been caught wearing Muslim garb.

Why do liberals get upset when Obama gets accused of being a Muslim and they claim to be champions for Islam? More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder for sure.

Obama is not a closet Muslim ’cause he’s been publicly saying that he is a Muslim for a long while now. You watch his speeches and he’ll publicly admit it many times but the media just ignores it. It’s hard to catch Obama admitting he is a Muslim but it’s there. Do you think Muslims would allow non-Muslims to wear Muslim garb? I don’t think so.

I think liberals get upset ’cause they can’t take the truth that Obama is a Muslim and it bothers them that they just elected a Muslim president. End of story.



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