Bernie Sanders is not fit for president, he can’t take tough questions from interviewers…

Part of being a presidential candidate or even being president is being able to deal with news journalists asking you questions even if you don’t like the news network. Most presidential candidates are willing to answer tough questions while they’re running for elections. A lot of them don’t mind getting stopped while walking somewhere either.

Bernie was really rude to that journalist, Jesse Watters. Acting like a little baby.

Of course, I’m sure the libtard community are applauding Bernie for this ’cause it’s FOX News. Sure the liberal community don’t like FOX News but even many liberal candidates were willing to have interviews on FOX News.

That Eric July guy was right… the reason so many young people love Bernie is ’cause he’s just like them and you can absolutely see that here.

Bernie is just a whacky old man and a coward who can’t take tough questions. I may not be a fan of Ted Cruz but at least that guy is ballsy enough to take tough questions from journalists. Donald Trump is also not afraid of tough questions.

I can’t understand why people love Bernie, he’s just an idiot. Bernie won’t make it to the general elections at all, he won’t make the ticket. Sorry, y’all.


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