Making videos on the Ipad is starting to suck, I like making videos on the PC better…

Before I got this new computer, I used to make all of my videos on the PC with Movie Edit Pro 16. That was a great program and I miss using it but I can’t use it on this Windows 64 bit and that software is old so I can’t use it anymore. That’s why I’ve been making videos on the Ipad instead.

In the near future, I’m gonna be looking for new video editing software for the PC on a Windows 64 bit. I love making videos on the PC ’cause it’s easier. The touch screen on the Ipad when making movies is kind of challenging and takes a long time.

I think you can get Pinnacle Studio for the PC version and I’m looking into it. I’m researching other software too. I don’t want expensive video software, though maybe somewhere around the $50 – $80 price range.

I love making videos for the internet and want to do it a lot more.  The camera on the Ipad kinda sucks and I’m thinking I should go back to using the JVC camera. Making videos on the PC is definitely better, in my opinion.



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