The movie “Unfriended” is probably the most realistic horror film ever!!!

Last night, I finally got around to watching the horror film, “Unfriended” which came out earlier this year. I must say that I was pretty surprised with it.

Check it out:

The movie turned out really great and it really was creepy & disturbing. The movie was pretty realistic too. Yes, the online world can be a very scary place to be as you can get harassed by anonymous people, cyberbullied and even worse… cyberbullies can drive you into committing suicide. Yes, there have been plenty of kids who have committed suicide ’cause other cyberbullies told them to. These things can really happen in the real world.

Even though this movie is purely fictional, the movie is surprisingly realistic and the writing of the movie was actually good and pretty smart.

It’s a good revenge story too, that’s what it is. This movie is recommended if you haven’t seen it yet.


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