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Picked up new reading material while on my vacation in Cape Cod last week…

Last week, while I was on my Cape Cod vacation, I decided to go to the Cape Cod Mall to do some shopping for myself. Went to the Barnes and Noble store there and the store was pretty huge. The store was two floors and had escalators there.

I picked up these two new political books that just came out. One book is about the fake Russian collusion by Gregg Jarrett and the other one is “Liars, Leakers and Liberals” by Jeanine Pirro. Both of these books has been sparking a buzz in the political world so I decided to pick them up for myself. I’m looking forward to reading them. Haven’t started one of these books yet but I’ll get to them, though.

I love reading “Current Affairs” and political books. I’ve read a lot of them lately. Of course, I only read books that leans toward the right. I stay away from the left-wing trash.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always been a book worm ever since I was a little kid. I’m a slow reader but I’m able to get through a lot of books somehow.


Thoughts on Jeanine Pirro getting kicked off “The View” to promote her book… nothing to see there… just more Trump Derangement Syndrome…


Some of you readers may be wondering what my opinion on this is. Ya know, Whoopi Goldberg kicking off a FOX News host Jeanine Pirro off “The View” to promote her new book and to talk about it. Jeanine was asked by the View to appear on the show and Jeanine gladly obliged to get interviewed by them. At the start of the interview, they started to talk about Jeanine’s book at first but of course, they had to get into a huge debate about Donald Trump. Jeanine got a little pissed as you can see ’cause she went on the show to talk about her book, not talk about Donald Trump but the ladies on the View kept talking to Jeanine about Trump anyways.

They get into an argument about illegals and immigration and all that accusing Trump of hate like a typical liberal would. Jeanine tries to explain to them that the economy is in good shape but of course, the ladies on the View just ignores her and tries to change the subject. As you can see in the video, Whoopi goes to on to say that she doesn’t have “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and tries to defend herself then she goes off about Trump’s presidency.

Then Whoopi abruptly ends the interview real fast. After that, Jeanine goes on Sean Hannity to talk about what happened after the interview. Jeanine was walking through the hallway downstairs to leave the building but she ends up seeing Whoopi again. Jeanine tries to talk to her again and then suddenly Whoopi tells her to “Fuck you, get the fuck out of the building”.

So let me get this straight… Whoopi claims she doesn’t have Trump Derangement Syndrome and she kicks out a woman who is a Trump supporter? Seriously? In my opinion, Jeanine shouldn’t have gone on the show and she should have declined the invitation. She should have seen this coming. Liberals hate Trump supporters so much and they are willing to do anything to humiliate them. I think this incident was all set-up and planned by the View. They intentionally wanted to humiliate Jeanine on National TV which they did a good job of. They knew exactly what they wanted to do to her ’cause they wanted to entertain the anti-Trump crowd.

Sure, what Whoopi and the View did was stupid and wrong… yes, Whoopi should be fired for it but it would never happen. She’s a liberal that’s why. I’m sure liberals in America are loving Whoopi for this. ABC and the View probably thought to themselves, “Hmmmm, what could we do to bring the ratings up? Lets invite a conservative author so we can bully her on live TV!!!” That’s what it was all about.

The thing is, liberals are trying their best to normalize hatred toward Trump supporters and conservatives which they are doing a very good job at. They harass and bully Trump supporters, they probably won’t get any punishment for it.

Jeanine was trying to be nice and friendly to the women on the View but all they wanted to do was yell at her. That’s liberalism today, folks. Liberals yelling at Trump supporters and conservatives for differences of opinion. Sickening.

Anyhow, Jeanine shouldn’t feel bad about this ’cause the View’s hate toward her is great publicity for the book anyways and I’m sure Jeanine’s book sales would skyrocket after this, watch it. The book will easily become a best seller pretty quickly. I’m definitely going to buy it ’cause I love Jeanine. Always did. I’m planning to pick up a copy of her new book soon. I like to watch her show on FOX News on Saturdays sometimes.


Could Jeanine Pirro become our next Press Secretary?

Jeanine Pirro has her own show on FOX called, “Justice”. Look, I hate FOX News like most people but the only good show on it is Pirro’s “Justice”. Why? Simply because Jeanine is one of the few real journalists left and she’s not afraid of the truth. Jeanine was spotted entering the Trump Tower and that helped spark some speculation that she could be getting hired for Trump’s cabinet. The question is for what position?


I’m thinking none other than Press Secretary. That would be the perfect fit for her. She’s a woman who is not afraid of the cold-hard truth and she  drives those liberals insane!

I love Jeanine. I don’t watch “Justice” on TV but I did watch a lot of her “Opening Statements” in youtube which is great stuff. She’ll be perfect for Press Sectary. She’s not afraid to call out the media so it would be good. I listed a bunch of choices that would be good for Press Secretary but I can’t believe I forgot about Jeanine. She is awesome.