Could Jeanine Pirro become our next Press Secretary?

Jeanine Pirro has her own show on FOX called, “Justice”. Look, I hate FOX News like most people but the only good show on it is Pirro’s “Justice”. Why? Simply because Jeanine is one of the few real journalists left and she’s not afraid of the truth. Jeanine was spotted entering the Trump Tower and that helped spark some speculation that she could be getting hired for Trump’s cabinet. The question is for what position?

I’m thinking none other than Press Secretary. That would be the perfect fit for her. She’s a woman who is not afraid of the cold-hard truth and she  drives those liberals insane!

I love Jeanine. I don’t watch “Justice” on TV but I did watch a lot of her “Opening Statements” in youtube which is great stuff. She’ll be perfect for Press Sectary. She’s not afraid to call out the media so it would be good. I listed a bunch of choices that would be good for Press Secretary but I can’t believe I forgot about Jeanine. She is awesome.


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