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FOX News airs a carjacker shooting himself in the head on live TV… ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***

FOX News have been well known to air car chases live on TV over the years, but this time things get bad. They aired a live suicide on national TV. This is real stuff. It’s not a movie or a TV episode. This is just another reason to hate FOX News. They shouldn’t air police chases on live TV at all. They just do it for ratings. They had plenty of time to turn the cameras off in time, before he did it.


BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin joins Fox news as contributor

Sarah Palin has signed a multi-year deal to Fox news as a contributor. It’s no surprise to me that she will be on TV at some point since she resigned from Governor of Alaska. As a Sarah Palin supporter and fan, I am certainly excited for this. She is controversial and she speaks her mind, no matter the consequences. I’ll be watching definitely!