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Megyn Kelly deserves to get harassed and bullied by Trump, stop giving Megyn a free pass…

Megyn treated Trump like garbage during that first GOP debate on FOX News and you expect Trump not to respond in that way? Now people are calling Donald sexist and a misgogynist for defending himself? She treated him unfairly during that debate and I think Trump has every right to call her out. I’d do the same thing. I could care less if she is a woman or not. Women shouldn’t get a free pass for treating men unfairly.

FOX News is becoming more and more liberal than ever. That network isn’t conservative at all as much as people want to believe.

Donald Trump has every right to speak his mind and has a right to an opinion and it’s pretty crazy that people won’t let him. I think it’s because he’s rich and he’s a true conservative. That’s the only reason people hate him, in my opinion.

Megyn Kelly deserves those attacks by Trump. Stop giving her a free pass.

I think FOX News is quickly turning into a liberal network ’cause they’re trying to attract more liberal viewers. That’s why there is all of this bias with Trump on FOX News.

Quit feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly ’cause that cunt started the whole thing to begin with but of course libtards will never admit it. In the mind of a libtard, it’s always Trump that started it no matter the situation.


Is this why the media can’t stand Donald Trump??? Just an observation…

This meme is so right. When celebrities and famous politicians have interviews with the media or when they do social networking most of them are careful of what they say most of the time. Most of what they say are carefully prepared and most of what they say are scripted by a teleprompter, almost 100% of the time. Plus most celebs and famous politicians use handlers so they can watch what they say and stuff.

Donald Trump doesn’t do any of that stuff. The media and liberals can’t stand Donald Trump ’cause they know that they can’t tell him how to think and how to feel. The Donald just says what he wants to and he sticks to his guns. That’s why more and more people are starting to admire the man. It’s why I admire Donald Trump ’cause the man has balls.

We definitely need more real people like Donald Trump ’cause the world is full of fakes, liars and untrustworthy people. People can’t stand him ’cause he’s real.

Anyone who gets upset at what he says must be easily offended or just can’t take the truth. Take your pick.

The Donald just says what he wants and doesn’t give a shit.

That’s one thing that is pissing me off about people in this country. They try to force you how to think and how to feel. You have to be careful of what to say most of the time and it’s pissing me off. Donald Trump reminds me of myself ’cause I go through similar backlashes he does. People tried their best to get me to change over the years and I should have never changed for anybody. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself and if people don’t like it? Well then fuck ’em.




Liberals feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly getting called out by Trump… hypocrites… all of them!!!

It’s looking like that liberals are siding with Megyn Kelly  since they believe that she is being bullied by Mr. Trump. They’re predictably calling it sexist and all that stuff. They’re saying that no woman should be treated like that and stuff.

Um… sorry but aren’t they the same people who gave Sarah Palin so much shit over the years? They bullied Sarah Palin at every chance they can get… liberal men even bullied her and said a bunch of hateful things about Sarah.  They also treated Ann Coulter like shit too. So don’t fucking tell me that “women doesn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

Actually, it was Megyn Kelly who bullied Donald Trump during that debate so she had it coming anyways. In my opinion, Megyn Kelly deserves the smackdown by Donald Trump.

Any so called “conservative” who gets offended by Trump’s comment about Megyn is not a real conservative and is a secret liberal.


If women act like a total bitch then they should be called out. Megyn was never a true conservative anyways, she’s just another RINO. Megyn defended Obama over Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Obama being “Anti-America” so to hell with her, ya know?

It’s funny how each time Donald Trump attacks someone like John McCain, Megyn Kelly, and others… people will feel sorry for them.

The way I’m seeing it is if you’re a Trump hater, you’re probably either an uneducated liberal or a RINO conservative. True conservatives like me are big fans of Trump. We are the kind of people who don’t take what he says seriously and appreciate him for being real.

Let him get all over Megyn Kelly ’cause she started it just like John McCain started it. Of course, I think people know that. People will always believe Trump is the bad guy ’cause everybody is scared of him. Trump is a hardcore conservative and it’s bothering people.


1st GOP presidential debate draws 24 million views…

I’m pretty sure that if Donald Trump was never a part of this election this year at all then the ratings for the first GOP debate wouldn’t have gotten this big.


Of course, I believed everybody tuned in for Donald Trump. Which is no surprise ’cause Donald Trump has always been a huge ratings draw.

It’s interesting how liberals have no problem with FOX News now, though. It seems that liberals now have a change of heart with FOX News and they seem to love that network. Probably ’cause they find the fact that attacking Donald Trump would be entertaining. I’m 100% sure a lot of liberals tuned in to watch the GOP Debate just to see FOX News smear Trump. I’m sure they love FOX news for it now.

I guess FOX News did whatever it took to draw ratings by both sides of the party: conservatives and liberals. FOX News really was ridiculous last night, though. I’m sure they don’t care what the people think. They got the big ratings so they’re happy.


GOP Debate: When will FOX News realize that the more they attack Donald Trump, the more they are helping him?

I just figured out why Donald Trump is doing so good in the polls it’s because FOX News is trying their best to bring him down but it’s not working. All it’s doing it is helping Donald Trump and winning in the polls. Yeah, I did watch last night’s GOP debate and it was a joke honestly. Of course, Donald Trump was the best debater and I’ll be honest that I thought Ben Carson was awesome too. Ben Carson would be the 2nd best debater from last night. I was impressed with Ben Carson and starting to like him more but I’m still gonna support the Donald, though.

It’s no surprise to see that all FOX News was gonna do is try to make Donald Trump look bad throughout the entire debate and they also have a big hardon for Jeb Bush which is no surprise either. Why do FOX News love Jeb Bush so much? He’s just another RINO who does nothing but lie and say stupid things. Jeb Bush is an idiot and he acted like one last night and FOX News loves Jeb? WOW! It’s just proof that FOX News has been leaning left lately ’cause Jeb Bush is no conservative even though he claimed that he is last night. John Kasich is another one who claims he’s “conservative” but he admitted he supported the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling… another so called “conservative” that supports gay marriage. *yawn*

Most of the guys last night were idiots. Rand Paul was an idiot ’cause he did nothing but get into shouting matches with Donald Trump and Chris Christie. Gov. Christie is a moron as well.

Even though FOX News tried their best to ruin Donald Trump, the Donald steals the show like always. All FOX News is doing is getting the American people to like him even more, what part of that don’t they get?

After watching the debate last night, I’m starting to realize that FOX News maybe a garbage network after all. All mainstream media news is garbage and that includes FOX News. See? I’m not on one side at all. What’s sad last night is that FOX News didn’t show the rest of the candidates with respect while they go on a big love fest on Jeb Bush. Really?

Last thing America needs is another Bush in the White House. No more Clinton’s or Bush’s please. I really think Donald Trump is gonna win the nomination easily. FOX News should let the people pick the president, not them. FOX News is even biased too, not just the liberal media.


Once again, FOX News proven to be the most trusted news source…

Libtards accuse FOX News of being corrupt and dishonest but they actually trust all the other big news sources like CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. To liberals, anything that is reported about Barack Obama that makes him look bad, they think it’s all bullshit and dishonest. That’s why they try their best to marginalize FOX News. Liberals think nobody watches FOX News. They’ll call out anyone who watches the network and they’ll call out anyone who posts news articles from them. I know this ’cause each time I post an article from what they call, “Faux news” (which is dumb as hell, btw)… they’re gonna be like, “You just posted a FOX News article”.

Funny thing is, FOX News continues to thrive in the ratings and the polls prove they ARE the most trusted and reliable news source than the others.


Like I said in a post before, people turn to FOX News ’cause they are tired of “left-wing” news on all the other networks.

People are getting tired of a dishonest media for the most part. Most of the big news: CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC refuses to be realistic about Obama’s presidency. They refuse to make him look bad. They don’t want to be real on his lawlessness. Instead, they defend him at every turn… each time he gets into trouble with something.

I’m getting tired of it all, really. I have a feeling that when we get a Republican president in the White House, the mainstream media is gonna do whatever it takes to destroy him.

I trust FOX News and I believe in them too. They’re the only one being realistic on Obama’s corrupt presidency, that’s why libtards hate ’em.

I’ve said it repeated that if you think there is nothing wrong with Obama and think he’s a good president, you’re brainwashed by liberal media. Stop watching the news, people. I don’t watch any of it anymore ’cause of the liberal bias.


Proof that people are getting tired of liberal news…

Love FOX News or hate ’em, they’re thriving in the ratings while all the other liberal mainstream news stations are flopping. Why are more people turning to FOX News than everything else these days? It’s because FOX is one of the only real news station left. They report stuff that nobody else would. That’s why liberals hate FOX News ’cause they refuse to lie for their precious Obama and FOX News is a pretty reliable source.

People are getting tired of CNN, MSNBC and all the other mainstream news stations ’cause why? People are getting tired of getting liberalism shoved in our faces. Those stations only tell us one side of the story. Only their opinion instead of being realistic about things.

People accuse FOX News of staying on the right but it’s not true. FOX News is realistic on all parties. They’re just real journalism and that is why libtards despise them.


I’m almost positive nobody reads the Washington Post and the NY Times either.

We just want the “news” being honest about our government and our president. This is why more are turning to FOX News and I hear ’em. Even though i don’t watch FOX News on TV, I do read their news on the internet a lot, though. Plus, FOX News is the only network that reports about Benghazi which is another reason why people follow them.

If the mainstream news media such as NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all that garbage wanna be taken seriously then they need to be more realistic and fair. Stop sticking to one side and be honest on both sides. If they want more people to watch then they need to be more realistic on Obama and I assure you more people will tune in and eat this stuff up but nope. There is a reason that the mainstream media won’t be realistic on Obama ’cause I truly believe that Obama himself is in control of the media. That’s how Obama gets away with everything ’cause he’s obviously in a romantic relationship with the news media.

This is why a lot of people still haven’t woken up on Obama yet ’cause the media doesn’t want to make him look bad. If they want more ratings and more money, stop protecting Obama but of course, they won’t. You gotta wonder how much tax money Obama is paying the news media to protect him? Probably millions, I would think!


Sorry but FOX News is actually the most reliable news source…

Politifact claims that FOX News is the most untrue news network in the media:


Here’s an interesting article exposing their lies proving that FOX News is actually pretty reliable, read the whole thing:


Most people especially liberals accuse FOX News of being on one-side. They accuse the network of having a GOP propaganda. People see FOX News as being too “conservative” but honestly, I don’t think so. I see them as trying to be realistic and truthful. I see them as supporting the 1st amendment and freedom of speech. They don’t protect anybody and they just wanna be real, ya know? That’s just my view of FOX News.

I think that is why liberals hate ’em ’cause they tell the “truth”.

If you wanna see stories on Benghazi or Operation: F&F you would not see that stuff on NBC, CBS or CNN. You would tune to FOX News which is sad. Stories like that should be reported everywhere. News media outlets like NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, NY Times are the ones being on one-side. They only report stories that only has a liberal point of view. Those news networks I listed won’t report anything negative on the Obama administration but FOX news will. FOX News just refuses to protect people ’cause like I said above, they just believe in freedom of speech.

I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but once in a blue moon I”ll tune in when they have something serious about Benghazi that’s why I tuned in to watch that “13 Hours” Benghazi special.

In my opinion, FOX News is just doing some real reporting. When will other networks stop trying to protect liberalism and start doing some real reporting?

It’s why I don’t watch the mainstream news anymore, folks. Too liberal biased for me. Can’t take it. You can’t view that stuff as “credible” ’cause none of it is.

Love ’em or hate ’em, FOX News is actually pretty popular and they are very successful. They’re doing fine so the more liberal hate they get, the merrier. The liberal hate they get is what helped them stay in business.


“13 Hours at Benghazi” FULL INTERVIEW is here….

Here’s the full “13 Hours at Benghazi” interview that was aired on Fox last week. You all should watch this, the whole thing. Benghazi, a phony scandal, hey?

I’ll be getting those two Benghazi books for the Ipad too: “The Real Benghazi Story” and the “13 Hours” books… just had them pre-ordered so I’ll be getting them tomorrow.

Seriously, watch this and maybe you’ll start to see why Hillary and Barack are getting the blame for this. They’re totally responsible all the way.


Even more proof that Obama was behind Benghazi attack…

Check out James Rosen’s (who Obama once tried to hack) report on the Benghazi attack where it explains that top defense officials briefed Obama on “attack”, and not video or protest. I know FOX News is shit, I’m not stupid but this report seems pretty serious.

Check it out, here.

Wake up, guys. Obama is a lying and murdering scum bag.

Of course, it will be difficult to impeach Obama when the Senate is mostly Democrats. Why is the Senate mostly Democrats? It’s because it was intentionally set that way so Obama can get away with impeachment. Stupid prick.