Proof that people are getting tired of liberal news…

Love FOX News or hate ’em, they’re thriving in the ratings while all the other liberal mainstream news stations are flopping. Why are more people turning to FOX News than everything else these days? It’s because FOX is one of the only real news station left. They report stuff that nobody else would. That’s why liberals hate FOX News ’cause they refuse to lie for their precious Obama and FOX News is a pretty reliable source.

People are getting tired of CNN, MSNBC and all the other mainstream news stations ’cause why? People are getting tired of getting liberalism shoved in our faces. Those stations only tell us one side of the story. Only their opinion instead of being realistic about things.

People accuse FOX News of staying on the right but it’s not true. FOX News is realistic on all parties. They’re just real journalism and that is why libtards despise them.

I’m almost positive nobody reads the Washington Post and the NY Times either.

We just want the “news” being honest about our government and our president. This is why more are turning to FOX News and I hear ’em. Even though i don’t watch FOX News on TV, I do read their news on the internet a lot, though. Plus, FOX News is the only network that reports about Benghazi which is another reason why people follow them.

If the mainstream news media such as NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all that garbage wanna be taken seriously then they need to be more realistic and fair. Stop sticking to one side and be honest on both sides. If they want more people to watch then they need to be more realistic on Obama and I assure you more people will tune in and eat this stuff up but nope. There is a reason that the mainstream media won’t be realistic on Obama ’cause I truly believe that Obama himself is in control of the media. That’s how Obama gets away with everything ’cause he’s obviously in a romantic relationship with the news media.

This is why a lot of people still haven’t woken up on Obama yet ’cause the media doesn’t want to make him look bad. If they want more ratings and more money, stop protecting Obama but of course, they won’t. You gotta wonder how much tax money Obama is paying the news media to protect him? Probably millions, I would think!


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