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Dear MSNBC… here’s how you bring up the ratings…

Wow. MSNBC isn’t doing so well in the ratings at all and so isn’t CNN. Well gee, I wonder why? Lets figure that out, shall we?

1. Dishonest reporting

2. They only stay on the liberal side

3. They refuse to call out Barack Obama’s corrupt and criminal presidency.

That’s pretty much it really.


As you can see in that site, FOX News is doing very good in the ratings and they’re killing it in the ratings than any other news network. Why? Well for one, they don’t stay on one side and they do “real” journalism. Plus, they aren’t afraid of Barack Obama.

The American people wanna see honest reporting and you don’t see much of that these days.

So if MSNBC and CNN wanna bring up their ratings then they should be more realistic on Barack Obama. They should stop treating him positively. If they expose his criminal and corrupt presidency, the American people will EAT THAT STUFF UP and the ratings will go up, TRUST ME. That’s what people wanna see. They wanna see people being realistic on Barack Obama. That’s why a lot of people turn to FOX News.

It is also why people go around looking for conservative celebrities and politicians in social networking ’cause they aren’t afraid to tell the truth about Barack Obama while most people are cowards out there.

I really hate our news media and how it’s going today. It makes me sick how most of them stay on the left-wing side. Come on. If you can’t see the liberal bias in all of them then you need help and you need to get educated. Seriously, stop watching the news. Media is a big problem in America. They let Barack get away with everything and it needs to get stopped already.


Proof that people are getting tired of liberal news…

Love FOX News or hate ’em, they’re thriving in the ratings while all the other liberal mainstream news stations are flopping. Why are more people turning to FOX News than everything else these days? It’s because FOX is one of the only real news station left. They report stuff that nobody else would. That’s why liberals hate FOX News ’cause they refuse to lie for their precious Obama and FOX News is a pretty reliable source.

People are getting tired of CNN, MSNBC and all the other mainstream news stations ’cause why? People are getting tired of getting liberalism shoved in our faces. Those stations only tell us one side of the story. Only their opinion instead of being realistic about things.

People accuse FOX News of staying on the right but it’s not true. FOX News is realistic on all parties. They’re just real journalism and that is why libtards despise them.


I’m almost positive nobody reads the Washington Post and the NY Times either.

We just want the “news” being honest about our government and our president. This is why more are turning to FOX News and I hear ’em. Even though i don’t watch FOX News on TV, I do read their news on the internet a lot, though. Plus, FOX News is the only network that reports about Benghazi which is another reason why people follow them.

If the mainstream news media such as NBC, CNN, MSNBC and all that garbage wanna be taken seriously then they need to be more realistic and fair. Stop sticking to one side and be honest on both sides. If they want more people to watch then they need to be more realistic on Obama and I assure you more people will tune in and eat this stuff up but nope. There is a reason that the mainstream media won’t be realistic on Obama ’cause I truly believe that Obama himself is in control of the media. That’s how Obama gets away with everything ’cause he’s obviously in a romantic relationship with the news media.

This is why a lot of people still haven’t woken up on Obama yet ’cause the media doesn’t want to make him look bad. If they want more ratings and more money, stop protecting Obama but of course, they won’t. You gotta wonder how much tax money Obama is paying the news media to protect him? Probably millions, I would think!


MSNBC moving away from left-wing TV… is this a sign that liberal media is gonna die soon???

Wow. This is incredible stuff. MSNBC axing liberal TV shows like crazy. Why? They’re getting low-ratings. They’re finally coming to a realization that staying on one side especially on the far left doesn’t work. While it’s nice to see that MSNBC finally got out of their delusion and facing reality but it’s a start. There are many others that need to get out of their delusions too like NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, etc. They are all on one-side. Only reporting news with a liberal view.


When will American news stop being on one side and do some honest reporting? I’m not saying get rid of liberal views in news completely. News shouldn’t be aimed at a certain party, ya know? News needs to be realistic and honest. It should have never been “right vs. left”. News reporting shouldn’t be so black and white is what I’m trying to say here.

Most of the mainstream news media outlets only got stuck on the left ’cause they probably thought it would help them get more ratings and make them more money. Well, it’s not helping ’cause everyone is sick of this “liberal” biased media. Most news networks ratings have gone down which includes NBC. CNN has been getting low ratings as well.

I don’t watch any news or read the papers. They’re all garbage.


Ronan Farrow braves trip to Kenya to see if they still like Obama…

Ronan Farrow who works for MSNBC braves a trip to Kenya which is long-rumored to be the birthplace of Barack Obama. While Barack’s poll numbers are going down in the US, Ronan wanted to go to Kenya to see what Kenyans think of the US President today and he did exactly that. Apparently, Kenyans still think of him as a hero which is no surprise.

This still doesn’t prove that Barack was born there but judging by their responses there are plenty of hints that he was born there.

Check out the video and see for yourself.


Thoughts about Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir…

This feud in the political world: Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir just blew up all over the media and I figure you would want my thoughts on it. I’ll make it brief.

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not… love her or hate her… she didn’t deserve that attack by him. I agree it was inappropriate and way out of line telling her to go eat shit and stuff. Welcome to news media in America. The news media is full of assholes and douchebags, not just that Bashir guy. This is why I don’t watch any of the news stations like MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. All garbage.

Sarah seems like a very strong and tough woman. I’m sure she can take it and I have a feeling she’s going to fire back at him on her official facebook page with a long response. You know it’s coming when she gets around to it. Whether or not you agree with her political views in the world… she has the right to say what she wants so that Bashir asshole attacking her was uncalled for.


BREAKING NEWS: Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC, ends “Countdown” immediately…

After Keith Olbermann’s suspension with MSNBC just a while back, you know things will get worse with Keith and the network up ahead. Well, things have gotten worse. Keith announced today that he has quit MSNBC’s “Countdown”. He didn’t say if he quit or got fired. He apologized to fans of his show, but didn’t apologize to the network.

The Associated Press, reports.

Fuck MSNBC, Keith. You’re better off else where!!!

A different network will be interested in hiring Keith for a new show, I’m sure! Maybe FOX or NBC will get him. I’ll admit, that I’m a Keith Olbermann, fan. I actually watch his show sometimes.


Thought: About Keith Olbermann getting suspended from MSNBC…

The news is creating controversy on the web that talk show host, Keith Olbermann, has been suspended without pay by MSNBC, only because he donated money to three democratic campaigns.

More on it, here.

I am with everyone else, that I find this suspension ridiculous. Keith was doing something really good by helping out, and this is what he gets in return? Heh, his bosses might be Republican, lol. I’m on Keith’s side all the way. I think he had every right to do what he did. I thought this was America???