Thoughts about Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir…

This feud in the political world: Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir just blew up all over the media and I figure you would want my thoughts on it. I’ll make it brief.

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not… love her or hate her… she didn’t deserve that attack by him. I agree it was inappropriate and way out of line telling her to go eat shit and stuff. Welcome to news media in America. The news media is full of assholes and douchebags, not just that Bashir guy. This is why I don’t watch any of the news stations like MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. All garbage.

Sarah seems like a very strong and tough woman. I’m sure she can take it and I have a feeling she’s going to fire back at him on her official facebook page with a long response. You know it’s coming when she gets around to it. Whether or not you agree with her political views in the world… she has the right to say what she wants so that Bashir asshole attacking her was uncalled for.


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