MSNBC moving away from left-wing TV… is this a sign that liberal media is gonna die soon???

Wow. This is incredible stuff. MSNBC axing liberal TV shows like crazy. Why? They’re getting low-ratings. They’re finally coming to a realization that staying on one side especially on the far left doesn’t work. While it’s nice to see that MSNBC finally got out of their delusion and facing reality but it’s a start. There are many others that need to get out of their delusions too like NBC, CBS, CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, etc. They are all on one-side. Only reporting news with a liberal view.

When will American news stop being on one side and do some honest reporting? I’m not saying get rid of liberal views in news completely. News shouldn’t be aimed at a certain party, ya know? News needs to be realistic and honest. It should have never been “right vs. left”. News reporting shouldn’t be so black and white is what I’m trying to say here.

Most of the mainstream news media outlets only got stuck on the left ’cause they probably thought it would help them get more ratings and make them more money. Well, it’s not helping ’cause everyone is sick of this “liberal” biased media. Most news networks ratings have gone down which includes NBC. CNN has been getting low ratings as well.

I don’t watch any news or read the papers. They’re all garbage.


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