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How liberals view the news is PRICELESS…


I have noticed that the way liberals view the news is pretty crazy and out of this world. The way liberals view the news is pretty priceless and it just proves my point that liberals really are that one-sided.

Read this interesting article:


Yeah, so Caitlyn Jenner comes out as Conservative & Republican… liberals go mad.

Marco Rubio got traffic violations and media question his financial budgets… liberals go mad.

Someone speaks out and opposes gay marriage… liberals go mad.

Obama wants to do things like Net Neutrality, Free College and has no strategy for destroying ISIS… liberals are all happy for him.

The problem is, liberals look at the mainstream news as “credible source”. If you believe that the mainstream news is pretty reliable and credible, then you really are a fucking moron. All I see in the news lately is just one-sided opinions. They don’t look at reality at all. They report news that are on the opinion of the left ’cause they know that stuff catches people eyes.

I’m tired of the way the “news” is going today, ya know? Before Obama was president, I could have sworn that the mainstream news wasn’t so “one-sided”. The news shouldn’t stay on the left wing side at all. We need honest journalism to show people what’s really going on in this world no matter the political views. Honest journalism is dead and gone.

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to news reporting. Left-wing news is more acceptable while “conservative” news is not. It’s pissing me off. It’s why I don’t watch or read the news anymore. This country has gone bat-shit crazy.


Dear MSNBC… here’s how you bring up the ratings…

Wow. MSNBC isn’t doing so well in the ratings at all and so isn’t CNN. Well gee, I wonder why? Lets figure that out, shall we?

1. Dishonest reporting

2. They only stay on the liberal side

3. They refuse to call out Barack Obama’s corrupt and criminal presidency.

That’s pretty much it really.


As you can see in that site, FOX News is doing very good in the ratings and they’re killing it in the ratings than any other news network. Why? Well for one, they don’t stay on one side and they do “real” journalism. Plus, they aren’t afraid of Barack Obama.

The American people wanna see honest reporting and you don’t see much of that these days.

So if MSNBC and CNN wanna bring up their ratings then they should be more realistic on Barack Obama. They should stop treating him positively. If they expose his criminal and corrupt presidency, the American people will EAT THAT STUFF UP and the ratings will go up, TRUST ME. That’s what people wanna see. They wanna see people being realistic on Barack Obama. That’s why a lot of people turn to FOX News.

It is also why people go around looking for conservative celebrities and politicians in social networking ’cause they aren’t afraid to tell the truth about Barack Obama while most people are cowards out there.

I really hate our news media and how it’s going today. It makes me sick how most of them stay on the left-wing side. Come on. If you can’t see the liberal bias in all of them then you need help and you need to get educated. Seriously, stop watching the news. Media is a big problem in America. They let Barack get away with everything and it needs to get stopped already.


Sorry but FOX News is actually the most reliable news source…

Politifact claims that FOX News is the most untrue news network in the media:


Here’s an interesting article exposing their lies proving that FOX News is actually pretty reliable, read the whole thing:


Most people especially liberals accuse FOX News of being on one-side. They accuse the network of having a GOP propaganda. People see FOX News as being too “conservative” but honestly, I don’t think so. I see them as trying to be realistic and truthful. I see them as supporting the 1st amendment and freedom of speech. They don’t protect anybody and they just wanna be real, ya know? That’s just my view of FOX News.

I think that is why liberals hate ’em ’cause they tell the “truth”.

If you wanna see stories on Benghazi or Operation: F&F you would not see that stuff on NBC, CBS or CNN. You would tune to FOX News which is sad. Stories like that should be reported everywhere. News media outlets like NBC, CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, NY Times are the ones being on one-side. They only report stories that only has a liberal point of view. Those news networks I listed won’t report anything negative on the Obama administration but FOX news will. FOX News just refuses to protect people ’cause like I said above, they just believe in freedom of speech.

I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but once in a blue moon I”ll tune in when they have something serious about Benghazi that’s why I tuned in to watch that “13 Hours” Benghazi special.

In my opinion, FOX News is just doing some real reporting. When will other networks stop trying to protect liberalism and start doing some real reporting?

It’s why I don’t watch the mainstream news anymore, folks. Too liberal biased for me. Can’t take it. You can’t view that stuff as “credible” ’cause none of it is.

Love ’em or hate ’em, FOX News is actually pretty popular and they are very successful. They’re doing fine so the more liberal hate they get, the merrier. The liberal hate they get is what helped them stay in business.


Re: “All governments must protect the ability of journalists to write and speak freely.” —President Obama

Hmmmmm… kind of funny for him to say since Obama went after journalists like Andrew Breitbart, James Risen, James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, Lara Logan and maybe some other journalists. As long as American media journalists don’t make Obama look bad, they won’t be held accountable for anything. When you tell the truth about Obama you’ll be hearing from him and his administration. This is also coming from a guy who continually hates on FOX News.

Obama put this press release out ’cause he knows about Tuesday’s election… he’s getting scared to death of the Republican take over. With Republicans taking over soon, he’s afraid that the media is gonna have no choice but to be more honest about Obama’s crimes and scandals. This is what he’s afraid of. He’s afraid of getting in trouble.

This press release is just Obama’s way of confirming that he is in complete control of the media. Obama is a good manipulator. He maybe all for freedom of speech and the press but only if the media doesn’t put him in a bad light, this is what he’s saying in this press release if you read it carefully.

The left-wing media should be punished and jailed for protecting Obama over his crimes. Kudos to FOX News for refusing to protect this piece of shit.

He violated the first amendment rights by going after those journalists I listed above. Hypocrite Obama. Nothing to see here.


“Caution… The Media is not a reflection of reality”…



I said it once before and will say it again. The national news media is not credible or verifiable source. That goes for both entertainment news and politics. I never took the media seriously.

I try not to pay any attention to the news but I hear about what goes on through trending topics in social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). I don’t watch the news on TV or read the papers at all.

Most of the things said about Barack Obama whether it’s his life, Benghazi, Operation: F&F, NSA, IRS, Obamacare, etc. — a lot of that stuff reported in the news is just a bunch of lies and misinformation about the President. That’s what I try to tell everyone. If he’s the least transparent president then you can’t believe everything reported in the news about him.

Today’s media and journalism is all garbage. All of it. The government controls the media and tells them what they can and can’t report so don’t believe everything they say.

Some people don’t wanna believe that Obama was behind Benghazi ’cause the media doesn’t report a lot about Benghazi too much. If they would do their fuckin’ jobs and report about Benghazi more and more… then maybe more people will start to see that Obama was responsible for the attacks. There’s a reason that the media doesn’t report about Benghazi too much ’cause that’s how the government wants it. They stopped CBS 60 Minutes Lara Logan on the Benghazi story… and now we have news studios being watched under government surveillance, look it up.

The Obama administration are cowards. They know that America wants answers on Benghazi instead they threaten people to apologize or spy on people. Definitely shows they are guilty of the Benghazi attacks, all the way.

A lot of people want to believe that Obama has every right to spy on people through the NSA ’cause they defended themselves and people believed them.

Welcome to America, where nobody wants to wake up. Anybody who thinks Obama is an innocent man is fuckin’ delusional.