How liberals view the news is PRICELESS…


I have noticed that the way liberals view the news is pretty crazy and out of this world. The way liberals view the news is pretty priceless and it just proves my point that liberals really are that one-sided.

Read this interesting article:

Yeah, so Caitlyn Jenner comes out as Conservative & Republican… liberals go mad.

Marco Rubio got traffic violations and media question his financial budgets… liberals go mad.

Someone speaks out and opposes gay marriage… liberals go mad.

Obama wants to do things like Net Neutrality, Free College and has no strategy for destroying ISIS… liberals are all happy for him.

The problem is, liberals look at the mainstream news as “credible source”. If you believe that the mainstream news is pretty reliable and credible, then you really are a fucking moron. All I see in the news lately is just one-sided opinions. They don’t look at reality at all. They report news that are on the opinion of the left ’cause they know that stuff catches people eyes.

I’m tired of the way the “news” is going today, ya know? Before Obama was president, I could have sworn that the mainstream news wasn’t so “one-sided”. The news shouldn’t stay on the left wing side at all. We need honest journalism to show people what’s really going on in this world no matter the political views. Honest journalism is dead and gone.

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to news reporting. Left-wing news is more acceptable while “conservative” news is not. It’s pissing me off. It’s why I don’t watch or read the news anymore. This country has gone bat-shit crazy.


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