Even more proof that Obama was behind Benghazi attack…

Check out James Rosen’s (who Obama once tried to hack) report on the Benghazi attack where it explains that top defense officials briefed Obama on “attack”, and not video or protest. I know FOX News is shit, I’m not stupid but this report seems pretty serious.

Check it out, here.

Wake up, guys. Obama is a lying and murdering scum bag.

Of course, it will be difficult to impeach Obama when the Senate is mostly Democrats. Why is the Senate mostly Democrats? It’s because it was intentionally set that way so Obama can get away with impeachment. Stupid prick.


6 thoughts on “Even more proof that Obama was behind Benghazi attack…”

  1. How is that proof Obama was behind it? All the article is saying is that the words used during the briefing were “terrorist attack”.

    1. That article is clearly exposing Obama’s lies. At the Rose Garden speech the day after the attack, Obama said the attack was never an act of terrorism. If he closely worked behind the scenes with top defense officials, then they had to know more about it than anybody. It shows that he may have been responsible.

      This should be good enough for a full investigation. Quit acting like Obama is innocent in everything.


      1. I’ll keep deleting your posts the more you act like Obama does nothing wrong. If you don’t like it, fuck off.


      2. Dear Matt, no need to be such a negative asshole every time you reply. Go away please. I can’t stand you. You’re nothing but a troll and a bully and that’s the end of it.


      3. On top of that this is my website. Only I decide what comments stays and what gets deleted. It’s not your decision to make. I’ll keep removing ridiculous comments that adds nothing to the discussion. That gives me the freedom of speech to do just that. WordPress allows you to moderate your blogs however you please. That’s what these moderation features are for.


      4. Wow, you guys can get pretty whiny and dramatic over the deletion of comments. Get over yourselves. I don’t care how you feel about it. I’m not afraid of the truth ’cause I delete ’em, you didn’t win anything… I delete ’em ’cause I think your posts are stupid. It’s my site, I do what I please.


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