1st GOP presidential debate draws 24 million views…

I’m pretty sure that if Donald Trump was never a part of this election this year at all then the ratings for the first GOP debate wouldn’t have gotten this big.


Of course, I believed everybody tuned in for Donald Trump. Which is no surprise ’cause Donald Trump has always been a huge ratings draw.

It’s interesting how liberals have no problem with FOX News now, though. It seems that liberals now have a change of heart with FOX News and they seem to love that network. Probably ’cause they find the fact that attacking Donald Trump would be entertaining. I’m 100% sure a lot of liberals tuned in to watch the GOP Debate just to see FOX News smear Trump. I’m sure they love FOX news for it now.

I guess FOX News did whatever it took to draw ratings by both sides of the party: conservatives and liberals. FOX News really was ridiculous last night, though. I’m sure they don’t care what the people think. They got the big ratings so they’re happy.


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