Is this why the media can’t stand Donald Trump??? Just an observation…

This meme is so right. When celebrities and famous politicians have interviews with the media or when they do social networking most of them are careful of what they say most of the time. Most of what they say are carefully prepared and most of what they say are scripted by a teleprompter, almost 100% of the time. Plus most celebs and famous politicians use handlers so they can watch what they say and stuff.

Donald Trump doesn’t do any of that stuff. The media and liberals can’t stand Donald Trump ’cause they know that they can’t tell him how to think and how to feel. The Donald just says what he wants to and he sticks to his guns. That’s why more and more people are starting to admire the man. It’s why I admire Donald Trump ’cause the man has balls.

We definitely need more real people like Donald Trump ’cause the world is full of fakes, liars and untrustworthy people. People can’t stand him ’cause he’s real.

Anyone who gets upset at what he says must be easily offended or just can’t take the truth. Take your pick.

The Donald just says what he wants and doesn’t give a shit.

That’s one thing that is pissing me off about people in this country. They try to force you how to think and how to feel. You have to be careful of what to say most of the time and it’s pissing me off. Donald Trump reminds me of myself ’cause I go through similar backlashes he does. People tried their best to get me to change over the years and I should have never changed for anybody. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself and if people don’t like it? Well then fuck ’em.




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