Once again, FOX News proven to be the most trusted news source…

Libtards accuse FOX News of being corrupt and dishonest but they actually trust all the other big news sources like CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. To liberals, anything that is reported about Barack Obama that makes him look bad, they think it’s all bullshit and dishonest. That’s why they try their best to marginalize FOX News. Liberals think nobody watches FOX News. They’ll call out anyone who watches the network and they’ll call out anyone who posts news articles from them. I know this ’cause each time I post an article from what they call, “Faux news” (which is dumb as hell, btw)… they’re gonna be like, “You just posted a FOX News article”.

Funny thing is, FOX News continues to thrive in the ratings and the polls prove they ARE the most trusted and reliable news source than the others.


Like I said in a post before, people turn to FOX News ’cause they are tired of “left-wing” news on all the other networks.

People are getting tired of a dishonest media for the most part. Most of the big news: CNN, NBC, CBS and MSNBC refuses to be realistic about Obama’s presidency. They refuse to make him look bad. They don’t want to be real on his lawlessness. Instead, they defend him at every turn… each time he gets into trouble with something.

I’m getting tired of it all, really. I have a feeling that when we get a Republican president in the White House, the mainstream media is gonna do whatever it takes to destroy him.

I trust FOX News and I believe in them too. They’re the only one being realistic on Obama’s corrupt presidency, that’s why libtards hate ’em.

I’ve said it repeated that if you think there is nothing wrong with Obama and think he’s a good president, you’re brainwashed by liberal media. Stop watching the news, people. I don’t watch any of it anymore ’cause of the liberal bias.


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