Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer reunite to discuss “Top Gun 2″…

Yesterday, Jerry Bruckheimer posted a selfie with Tom Cruise on his twitter page. Jerry Bruckheimer was one of the producers of the first “Top Gun” movie which was directed by the Tony Scott. The first “Top Gun” movie was such a classic film and it’s definitely one of Tom’s best films in his career for sure. It looks like “Top Gun 2” is really gonna happen.

Who’s gonna be the director? If Tony Scott was still alive (RIP, btw), I’m sure he would have done it so so they’re gonna have find a different director. Hope they get somebody good. Will Tom be the lead as “Maverick” or is he just gonna have a small role? We’ll learn more soon. I hope Tom won’t just have a small role, he needs to be the lead. I also hope Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis reprises their roles too. Sure, Kelly McGillis is aging now but a reunion between Maverick and Charlie would be amazing.

Mr. Bruckheimer, if you want the “Top Gun” sequel to work and get everyone to love it… please bring back the “Anthem” theme as heard in the video below and bring back Berlin’s “Take My Breathe Away”. Make it more like a homage to the first movie would be badass.


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