Ted Cruz is proof of why the “conservative” community sucks so bad right now!!!

Yes, I agree that the GOP/Republican party is somewhat getting destroyed but I wouldn’t blame it on Donald Trump like so many are saying. I would blame the ruination of the GOP on Ted Cruz. It’s Ted Cruz who is destroying the GOP. You can also throw RINO’s like Jeb Bush, Rubio, Kasich and Christie in there as well but Ted Cruz is ruining the GOP even more. All those delusional so-called conservatives who has such a hardon for Ted Cruz likes to pretend that he’s the hero in the “right-wing” community. Ted Cruz proves that right-wingers can be just as bad as liberals. If you call yourself a conservative and say that you’re a Ted Cruz supporter then you’re probably a Donald Trump hater… that’s how I’m seeing it these days, eh? The “conservative” community sucks so bad right now ’cause of Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is helping people realize that all those “conservative” celebrities like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly and people like them aren’t really “conservative” as people thought they were. Glenn Beck has joined the Donald Trump hating bandwagon. Mark Levin has joined the Trump hating bandwagon and now Megyn Kelly. Once again anybody who is a fan of Ted Cruz is probably a Donald Trump hater.

Why are these delusional conservatives supporting Ted Cruz? Is it because they believe he’s the pit bull of the US government? Is it because they think he’s a hero at stopping government corruption and standing up against Barack Obama? Hey you delusional idiots. Ted Cruz is a RINO just like all the others. Ted is NOT a hardcore conservative like many of you think he is and the guy still has a lot of liberal beliefs if you do your research. Also, Ted hasn’t DONE FUCKING SHIT to stop Barack Obama so what kind of fantasy world are you guys living in? Ted has sided with Obama on a lot of things including the TPP trade. So does Ted Cruz verbally kick Obama’s ass like those conservatives claim? HA! Not from what I see. Ted is pretty weak on Barack Obama’s corrupted presidency and always has been. On top of that, Ted Cruz is just too friendly with illegal immigrants.

I can’t stand Ted Cruz. The guy will NEVER be president and he doesn’t have a fucking chance at all. Also, a lot of you want to blame Donald Trump for starting this feud with Ted but it was Ted who started this feud by talking shit about Trump behind his back in a private meeting, remember that? Now Ted wants to challenge Trump for a one on one debate acting all macho. Remember, before Ted decided to attack Trump privately, he promised he will never get into attacking Donald Trump at all and vowed to stay out of the drama. Well look at Ted now… attacking Trump like crazy. So if you don’t like Trump getting all over Ted well, Ted brought it upon himself. Ted started it.

Ya know, it was no surprise to see that Ted would start attacking Trump ’cause remember politicians would do anything to get elected… you can’t trust any of those career politicians. That’s why I believe that Trump is more trustworthy and believable ’cause he isn’t a career politician.

Ted is ruining the GOP party and he’s destroying the “conservative” community, big time. All Trump is doing is exposing how corrupt and messed up the “right-wing” community is.

Once again, I can’t stand Ted Cruz and if you’re a Ted Cruz supporter then I can’t support you. On twitter, I’ve been blocking all the Ted Cruz supporters ’cause I can’t stand seeing them jerking themselves off over Ted Cruz while at the same time, they attack Donald Trump.

Keep it going, Mr. Trump. You’re doing a good job exposing all the fake people and that’s why you’re getting my vote!


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