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So I’ve just seen “Top Gun: Maverick” finally and thought it was really good, loved it…

So “Top Gun: Maverick” is finally here. It has been in the theater for a long while now but I haven’t gotten to it until now. Finally, I just got around to seeing it in the theater ’cause I wanted to get my chance to see it in theater before it stopped playing. I know it’s gonna be in theater for a while longer since it’s making real big money right now.

I’m a huge “Top Gun” fan. Love the first movie so much and the second one is just as good. Actually, “Top Gun: Maverick” is even better than the first.

All the positive reviews and the buzzing of this film is not for nothing ’cause the film is actually very good. Even though the second one is new and going different directions, it still has the feeling of the first one as a way to keep the fans happy. I think it was perfect all around. Good acting, good writing and good directing. What I was most impressed with was how all the flying was done for “real”. The flying scenes were a blast to watch, more fun than the first one. It was very realistic, crazy… and best of all the movie doesn’t take itself serious. For once, a movie with no left-wing politics and no woke bullshit. I think that’s one reason the film is such a hit ’cause it pretty much stays away from political bullshit and doesn’t ram any propaganda of any kind down your throats.

This was indeed Tom Cruise’s best movie in a long while. His acting was really good in this one too. People hated on Tom Cruise for years and people are just starting to come around on the guy and just realizing that man is talented after all which is nice to see really.

Since “Top Gun: Maverick” is making mad money, I read the cast and crew are already talking about making a third one so it could end up being a trilogy? Probably.

I’m glad I went and saw it finally. You should definitely go see it if you haven’t yet.


Tom Cruise confirms “Top Gun: Maverick” is his next film and it just started filming…

After completing work of the latest MI movie, “Mission Impossible: Fallout”… it looks like Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures aren’t wasting any time on the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel and getting right to work on it right away. The next Top Gun movie is simply titled: “Top Gun: Maverick”.

The cast is unknown at this time and so far the only cast confirmed for this movie is, of course, Tom Cruise. I’m sure the film crew will start the casting while the movie is filming. This means that Tom is filming all the jet flying scenes first? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

Anyhow, I’m sure we’re going to see some familiar faces from the first movie. Will Val Kilmer come back as the Iceman? Hopefully. Will Kelly McGillis reprise her role as Charlie? Hopefully. I think those two needs to come back and it’s a possibility. Will Tom Skerritt return as the Viper? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

I’m glad this movie is happening ’cause I love the first movie so much. I know Tom has a lot of haters out there but I never understood why. I think the man is an amazing actor, in my opinion. In fact, I am a huge fan and always has been. I’m not afraid to admit that I grew up watching his movies over the years of my life and you did too despite his Scientology beliefs. Love him or hate him all you want but he’s been in some good films over the years.

Can’t wait for Top Gun 2 and I’m sure they’ll do the film justice and make it more like the first one.


Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer reunite to discuss “Top Gun 2″…

Yesterday, Jerry Bruckheimer posted a selfie with Tom Cruise on his twitter page. Jerry Bruckheimer was one of the producers of the first “Top Gun” movie which was directed by the Tony Scott. The first “Top Gun” movie was such a classic film and it’s definitely one of Tom’s best films in his career for sure. It looks like “Top Gun 2” is really gonna happen.

Who’s gonna be the director? If Tony Scott was still alive (RIP, btw), I’m sure he would have done it so so they’re gonna have find a different director. Hope they get somebody good. Will Tom be the lead as “Maverick” or is he just gonna have a small role? We’ll learn more soon. I hope Tom won’t just have a small role, he needs to be the lead. I also hope Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis reprises their roles too. Sure, Kelly McGillis is aging now but a reunion between Maverick and Charlie would be amazing.

Mr. Bruckheimer, if you want the “Top Gun” sequel to work and get everyone to love it… please bring back the “Anthem” theme as heard in the video below and bring back Berlin’s “Take My Breathe Away”. Make it more like a homage to the first movie would be badass.


Report: Bad Boys III greenlighted too…

Columbia Pictures has greenlighted a third installment to the action comedy series, “Bad Boys” that stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They have tapped screenwriter, Peter Craig, to write the film. They hope to reunite, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for this movie. They also hope to bring back Michael Bay as director and Jerry Bruckheimer as producer.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


I did like the first “Bad Boys” movie, was entertaining…but I didn’t like the second one though. The third one probably won’t be good, ’cause I have a feeling it will be full of CGI action sequences. I’m not that excited for a Bad Boys return. It does deserve to complete the trilogy though.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Cage signs on to “National Treasure 3″…

Nicolas Cage has yet again signed on to another huge role, that is the third film to the Disney hit blockbuster “National Treasure”. Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicolas Cage attended the Disney showcase in Hollywood in person, and announced in public at the event that there is a third “National Treasure” in the works. Nicolas Cage said he is coming back to reprise his role as Ben Gates and Jon Turteltaub will be back to helm the third one as he already directed the first two.

The plot is being kept underwraps, release is aimed sometime in 2010.

Dark Horizons reports:


I like the National Treasure films. I’ve seen the first two in theater and will probably end up seeing the third one as well. The 2nd one was ok and pretty fun, but I hope the third one will be a great one this time.