BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Cage signs on to “National Treasure 3″…

Nicolas Cage has yet again signed on to another huge role, that is the third film to the Disney hit blockbuster “National Treasure”. Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicolas Cage attended the Disney showcase in Hollywood in person, and announced in public at the event that there is a third “National Treasure” in the works. Nicolas Cage said he is coming back to reprise his role as Ben Gates and Jon Turteltaub will be back to helm the third one as he already directed the first two.

The plot is being kept underwraps, release is aimed sometime in 2010.

Dark Horizons reports:

I like the National Treasure films. I’ve seen the first two in theater and will probably end up seeing the third one as well. The 2nd one was ok and pretty fun, but I hope the third one will be a great one this time.


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