Report: Warner Bros. greenlights “I Am Legend” prequel…with Will Smith returning…

Warner Bros. studios has greenlighted a prequel to the hit film “I Am Legend” that stars Will Smith. Since the film made a sky rocketing $584 million worldwide, Warner Bros. wanted to keep the franchise going but since it is difficult to make a sequel of the film, it’s leading character was killed at the end, they had no choice but to make it a prequel instead to keep Will Smith as the leading star.

Will Smith is set to return as Robert Neville and director Francis Lawrence is set to return to direct again.

The prequel will focus on the final days of humanity in New York City before a man-made virus caused a plague that made Neville the only survivor. The prequel will explain why the virus turned human beings into monsters. The film will probably show Neville’s normal life before the city was attacked.

Variety Reports:

Good idea for a prequel. I liked “I Am Legend” it was entertaining. There are lots of unexplained questions in the film that needs to be answered and there is a need of a prequel I think. I’d say bring it on! I’d go see it.


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