Brock defends the “Putnam Den” venue in Saratoga Springs!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of negative criticism about the local Saratoga Springs venue, “The Putnam Den” online. I’ve been seeing criticism through facebook and craigslist mostly. The place is getting criticized because it books mostly DJ’s more than live bands. This area likes to slam DJ’s because they don’t play an instrument and such. People also like to slam the venue’s crowd and audiences there, of how they don’t look like rock n’ roll people, the venue’s been accused of being whigger beat sampling, a hip hop homo hang, and they have been called of skater posers. I’ve also been seeing complaints about the bookings of bands at this place.

Honestly, I’ve never been there and I see no issues and no problems with the venue at all. Sure, DJ’s doesn’t play instruments and they don’t sing. Not having any musical talent. Really, what’s wrong with a DJ? A turntable scratch DJ we’re talking about here. Those turntable machines aren’t musical instruments? Of course they are. It is how a lot of rap music artists create their music, using turntables back in the 80’s. You can create musical sounds just by scratching on a turntable and creating musical beats. Being a turntable scratch DJ is not as easy as you all think it is. It does take a lot of skill and talent to be able to use the turntable good. I’ve seen how turntable DJ’s do it, and it doesn’t look easy. You have to switch vinyl’s really fast at the right place and at the right time, use all these buttons and scratch at the right time, etc. I don’t know how it’s done, but you can’t assume that turntable DJ’s don’t have any talent. It does take talent.

Besides, the Putnam Den books music in all genres. It even says it right there on their website. The show prices at the Den are cheap and sometimes even free, can’t say “no” to that right? So what’s the problem with the venue? I’ve seen videos of the Putnam Den in youtube and the place looks pretty cool inside for a rock band to play.

When I get my own band going, I will take my band there to play a gig. I’ll even check out their open mics sometime.

Support the music scene, don’t knock it. DJ’s deserve to have places to express their talent too and the Den feels they want to give DJ’s a place to play. There aren’t many places around here for DJ’s either. If you don’t like the venue and don’t like their type of crowd, you don’t have to go. Yes, the Den may have a weird and different crowd there, I might agree with that, but I find crowds in all different types to be interesting. Some people prefer to party with DJ’s and some prefer to party with bands. There is something for everybody.

The DJ scene is getting recognized in the Capital District area and it’s good for them. They deserve it. To those out there who knock on DJ’s, why don’t you try to take two turntables, play with vinyl’s, try doing some scratching and see how easy it is. I’ve tried it and it’s not easy. Takes SKILL. Gotta gives these guys respect.

Saratoga Springs is a good music scene. I know, since I’ve played mostly gigs there. I’ve played Caffe Lena many times. Played Kings Tavern many times. I’ve also played Backstreet Billiards in Saratoga. It’s a great little town. Love it there!


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