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In your hometown, does your Mayor and local politicians have a problem with kissing up to illegal aliens? It’s a huge problem here in Upstate NY…

I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this problem — in my area which is the Upstate NY area — we have a big problem of Mayors of different cities & towns kissing up to illegal aliens. Mayors and local politicians having huge hard-ons for illegals. I’m sure other cities and small towns in the United States are going through the same thing. Only the cities and small-towns that has a liberal Mayor anyway. If a city or small-town has a conservative mayor then I’m sure he/she won’t have a problem with Trump’s immigration policies but liberal Mayors & local politicians in your area seems to be intimidated by Trump’s immigration policies.

The problem is there are a lot of Mayors, Governors and local politicians in the United States defying our president on illegal immigration. It’s crazy, ya know? A lot of them refuse to enforce Trump’s illegal immigration policies and refusing to work with him. These Mayors, Governors and local politicians openly say they won’t work with the president on illegal immigration. That is a term called, “defy”. They want to defy our president and disrespect him that is shameful. I loathe these politicians and government officials who defies the president… yeah, the ones who publicly ass-kisses illegal aliens, refugees and all that stuff.

Many of these Mayors and local politicians in your area are scared to death ’cause they don’t like how ICE goes in their town arresting illegal aliens out of the blue. You see what I’m saying now? I’m sure your town has Mayors and local politicians crying about Trump cracking down on illegal aliens… then your local media sides with these people to make Trump look bad. Local media is just as bad as the Mainstream Media. You know how there are Fake News in the national MSM? Well local news is “Fake News” too: The Post-Star, The Times Union, News Channel 13 WNYT, etc. All that is “Fake News” when it comes to local news. I know ’cause when I went to the Trump rally in Albany during the campaign trail, I attended that rally in the crowd and I saw how the local news reported that rally… most of it was all bullshit. The local news like to make Trump look bad too.

I’m tired of local politicians trying to get us to feel sorry for illegal aliens. Why feel sorry for them? We don’t know them or where they came from. I don’t give a shit if illegal aliens are scared for the future of America and they should be. They don’t belong here ’cause it’s a crime for undocumented people to stay here. In my opinion, those that defy the president over illegal immigration policies should be arrested.

I’m glad Trump is taking action by sending ICE out to arrest illegals all over. I’m sure your town or city wherever you live aren’t liking it either. Aaaawww, too bad! There’s a new Sheriff in town, folks! This isn’t Obama anymore.

Illegals don’t deserve to live better lives then we do. By the way, I didn’t start disliking illegals right when Trump started to run for president. I never liked illegal aliens for a pretty long time. You know, in my blogs, I railed against illegal aliens for a pretty long time, long before Trump became president. I always knew illegals were a problem.

ICE is doing is a great job cracking down on illegal aliens in the country, check it out:


One day you liberals are going to regret supporting illegal aliens. I wonder how you’ll respond when an illegal Mexican has a knife to your throat or points a gun to your head or when they kidnap your kid or kill your loved ones? Illegals are dangerous animals. Not all of them are. I’m sure some are alright people; however, getting rid of illegals is about safety for the most part. We don’t need illegals coming here; do you want illegals murdering people, raping people and bringing drugs into our country? Build the wall!!! DEPORT THEM ALL!




Awwww, poor babies, Saratoga Springs now scared of ICE taking away their illegal aliens… suck it up, there’s a new Sheriff in town!!!

There have been a couple of ICE raids in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. which is a small city 20 minutes away from where I live. ICE arrested some illegal aliens there without warning. ICE just came over and grabbed them. It is now scaring the city of Saratoga Springs to death. The Mayor of Saratoga Springs and local city businesses are speaking out about it.


Yeah, I’m sure illegals are permitted to work in the United States but they must fill out some kind of gov. paperwork and all that stuff… but I’m willing to bet that those illegals arrested never filled out paperwork to work at jobs and businesses hired them anyways. I know the EEOC was started by President JFK but I believe it’s finally time that illegals shouldn’t be allowed to work in the US at all. It’s insane to me that illegals get hired jobs in the US.

What about hiring actual US citizens? This is the reason US Citizens are struggling to get jobs ’cause most businesses in America wants illegals to work for them. There are plenty of Americans unemployed still. Whether or not it’s okay for illegals to work jobs here, it’s still illegal for them to live in this country. Illegals need to go. I don’t care if they’re dangerous criminals or not. Some illegals maybe decent and good people, sure but they still don’t belong here either way.

There have never been a single president over the years who has enforced the law on illegals and now we finally have a president who wants to enforce the law. Deal with it, crybabies. There’s a new Sheriff in town. This isn’t Obama anymore so get used to it.

Mayor Yepsen says that ICE is targeting Saratoga Springs. It’s not just Saratoga Springs, you idiot. ICE’s goal is to get rid of illegal aliens all over the fucking country and they’ve been doing that ever since Trump got sworn in. Trump, keeping promises to keep “America First” and that’s what it’s all about.

Get illegals out and BUILD THE WALL!!!! Illegals is not a race, it’s a crime whether they’re dangerous or not.