Cool Video: Crosby, Nash and Neil Young reunion??? Well, sort of…

On Jimmy Fallon last night there was some kind of CSNY reunion. Jimmy Fallon was playing as Neil Young again singing a song called, “Party In the USA”. Out comes surprise special guest singers: Graham Nash and David Crosby. Yes, the real Graham Nash and David Crosby, not played by actors. This was a killer performance. Nash and Crosby great singers like usual. The only one who didn’t come out was obviously, Stephen Stills.

What’s with all the Jimmy Fallon performing as Neil Young for? I think it’s an obvious hint that the real Neil Young himself will go on the show to sing with Jimmy Fallon. It’s gonna happen at some point, just give it time, folks.

Jimmy Fallon “Late Night” has been on NBC for a long while now. He’s been having so many legendary acts perform on the show everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Megadeth. The real Neil Young haven’t performed on Jimmy Fallon yet. It’s coming, I’m sure.

See the video, here.


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