Report: Jimmy Fallon set to release new comedy album…

Jimmy Fallon, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and current host of NBC “Late Night”, is set to release a new comedy album through Warner Bros. records. The album will include original songs, parodies, and other things. This would make Jimmy’s second album since, “The Bathroom Wall”, released in 2002.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

So is the album going to be backed up the by, The Roots? Probably. If the album doesn’t have his song of the parody of, “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen, I’m not buying it. I’m pretty sure that song will be on the album ’cause that performance on his show was a hit.

I admire Jimmy Fallon’s talent. He’s a very talented man and funny as hell. I try to watch him every night, but I fall asleep a lot. Not because I’m bored, but it’s because I get sleepy around that time. Jimmy is quite a guy and he does a good job hosting a late night show.



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