Thought: “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon so far…

I’ve been watching “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon quite a lot, and I’m surprised, Jimmy is actually doing a great job. He’s entertaining. He has some great guests on the show that no other late night talk show would have. Jimmy also has musical guests on there that are not too well known as well. Plus, Jimmy having the Roots as his host band is really cool.

I still miss Conan O’ Brien, but Conan will be making his debut on “The Tonight Show” June 1st, so we will have to wait all the way to June 1st for the return of Conan on TV.

Jimmy is doing okay. He’s actually pretty funny and entertaining. I think Jimmy was hired for the job ’cause Lorne Michaels liked his work with SNL’s “Weekend Update”.

“Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon is not bad at all. I like the show.


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