Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations announced, will the band Yes finally get the induction this time? Please!

Well the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for next year in 2017 has been announced. The prog rock band that I love, Yes, has been nominated again but will Yes actually get the induction this time? Hopefully! If Yes gets snubbed of the induction again then I’ll be done with the Hall of Fame completely, I think. The band Yes better get in there ’cause that band is so great. If you love songs like “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart” which both are great songs, they have way better songs than those. I’ve heard a lot of their albums through Apple Music streaming (which I stopped subscribing to). Yes totally deserves an induction for sure so hopefully they do get in this time. *crosses fingers*

Also deserving on this list are: Steppenwolf, J. Geils Band, The Cars, The Zombies, ELO and Journey for sure. I love Janet Jackson too so I guess she deserves it.

Pearl Jam and Jane’s Addiction? Yes both of them deserve to make it in too.

You can only vote for 5 choices so I went for: Yes, Steppenwolf, The Cars, J. Geils Band and Janet Jackson.

Yeah, I love Janet’s music. Grew up listening to her stuff. Still am a fan of her. I can’t listen to loud guitar music all the time. Sometimes I gotta listen to some pop music and rap music too.


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