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MSM are the new tabloids, Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a real journalist, keep up the great work Julian!

Why did Trump win and why did Hillary lose? Thank Julian for that. If it wasn’t for Julian then maybe this election would have had a different outcome and we would have gotten Hillary instead. Thank god for Julian and Wikileaks.

Liberals believed that Wikileaks was a “liberal” site ’cause when Wikileaks first started, they first exposed the Bush’s and they became a hero to liberals. Now liberals are upset at Wikileaks ’cause they exposed the media and Democrat politicians. Well, I got news for ya, it doesn’t matter what your views are… Wikileaks will tell the truth either way.

Wikileaks proved that the media and DNC rigged the election. They proved that Bernie was robbed of nomination and was paid off by Hillary.

Julian is one of the few real journalists left around. I think Julian should get his own news show on TV, would be pretty cool.


The DDOS Cyberattacks, was this in retaliation for the Wikileaks dumps on Hillary? Wouldn’t surprise me at all!!!

Remember, the Obama administration regulates the internet now. The internet is under the FCC. So that means the government and Obama can do whatever they want with the internet now. I’m starting to get concerned for Julian. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Obama and Hillary did this. They’re animals. The things they do when people get in their way.


There’s a reason that media doesn’t report anything on Wikileaks dumps, it would show that they were involved…

If you ever wonder why the media doesn’t report anything on the Wikileaks dumps especially the Podesta e-mails and the DNC, it’s simply because all the e-mails would show is that the mainstream media would be involved in lying for Hillary. Doing whatever it takes to get Hillary elected even if it means committing a crime and rigging the election. The e-mails would show the media interacting with the Clinton campaign privately. Why would the mainstream media want to report bad stuff about themselves?

So considering that the media can’t report anything on the Wikileaks, they do nothing but attack the hell out of Trump instead. Ya know, it seems like that each time Hillary is in trouble with Wikileaks… they go after Trump which is pretty pathetic.

It’s Julian Assange who just exposed how corrupted and one-sided the mainstream media really are. Assange proved that the MSM are in bed with Hillary. The MSM will do anything for her. MSM is obsessed with attacking Trump and make Hillary look good ’cause that’s what they’re paid a lot of money to do. Are the Clintons paying the media a lot of money to make her look good? I wouldn’t be surprised!

I haven’t seen all of the Podesta stuff but I’ve seen some of it.

Our MSM is corrupt to the core, they are much worse than ever before. Stop reading or watching the news, people. I don’t follow any of that garbage anymore! I’m fed up with our news media like everyone else. If you watch CNN or read the Washington Post or the NY Times, you’re just getting brainwashed by them. Anybody that takes them seriously and finds them “credible” is not a very smart person at all.


Did the Clintons and Obama threaten Assange? Is that why he didn’t drop bombshell info on Hillary???

The way I’m seeing it, I think Assange was gonna drop the bombshell info on Hillary but the reason he didn’t end up doing it after all is ’cause he was threatened by the Clintons and Obama? That’s why Julian decided to release info on the elections for 10 weeks to celebrate 10 years of Wikileaks instead? That’s probably what happened. Obama and Hillary probably heard that Julian was gonna release info that could damage their reputation so they were quick to stop him.

I hate Barack Obama and the Clintons so much. They never take any responsibility for anything bad they do and think they can get away with their crimes. Both Obama and Hillary are dangerous & evil. They’re capable of anything these days. If anybody can’t see that, they’re brainwashed by the mainstream media who is very protective of them and it makes me sick really.

If Julian won’t stop Obama and Clinton then Trump will when he gets sworn in for the oval office on Jan. 20th, 2017. Trump is gonna win the election Nov. 8th so be ready. That’s why people are afraid of Trump ’cause they know he’s gonna throw Obama and Hillary in prison when elected president.


Will Julian Assange release devastating info that could hurt Hillary once and for all tomorrow?

Julian Assange’s “October Surprise” has been making the rounds of the web thanks to Wikileaks. Julian is planning to release devastating info about Hillary Clinton that could put an end to her presidential campaign. Even worse, it could put her political career and public life to an end. The info could finish Hillary for good.

Hopefully Julian will stay alive tomorrow so he can release the info without getting killed by Obama and Hillary with a drone strike or whatever. Obama and Hillary are no strangers to killing people when people get in their way. So don’t be surprised that you see “Julian is dead” all over the news tomorrow before the press conference in Berlin even happens. The press conference in Berlin will happen tomorrow ’cause Time Zone is difference in our time.

If Julian lives, I’m looking forward to seeing what he has for Hillary. Hopefully Julian will drop a huge bombshell on Hillary about Benghazi. Prove once and for all that she did ignore calls for help by Ambassador Stevens and prove once and for all that there was no “stand down” order.

Hopefully the info that Julian has will finish Hillary for good ’cause whatever he has up his sleeve, it could force her to drop out of the presidential race.

After Julian releases the info, he needs to stay out in hiding for a long while and have a lot of protection. Hillary and Obama are very dangerous people.

Julian’s got a lot of balls. I’ve been respecting that guy more and more.


Thoughts on the DNC in Philadelphia so far…


Welp, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton is finally official for Nov. 8th, General Election. It’s what I’ve been predicting for many months ever since this election started and my prediction turned out right. I can’t tell you how many times that people didn’t believe me that it would be Trump vs. Clinton but I proved them wrong. Maybe you should listen to me more often, hey?

Another thing that proved me right is that elections being rigged and voter fraud is real. Do you believe me now, idiots? For a long time now on my blogs, I’ve been trying to teach you guys about rigged elections but all you did was laugh at my face. Then here comes Wikileaks giving us the hard proof that rigged elections are real. I hate to be one of those who say, “I told you so” but yeah, “I told you so”.

As far as this stuff with Bernie goes, this stuff is nothing new guys. Presidential candidates sell out their fan base all the time. It  happens. It’s politics. Get over it. Yeah, it’s sad and unfair that Bernie is being treated this way but in reality, Bernie screwed himself. Ya know, Bernie is a guy who has been saying that elections are rigged for months before he decided to sell out to Hillary. Bernie turned out right and he ends up teaming up with someone who rigged the system. Bernie had a chance to fight the “rigged system” and the establishment but the old man blew it. He really did. Bernie could have won the nomination yesterday ’cause he was that close to beating Hillary. I watched the DNC roll call yesterday, it was interesting to say the least.

As far as the DNC event goes this week, it’s pathetic. All of it. I’m not gonna watch it at all tonight ’cause I can’t stomach that bullshit anymore. Seriously, the DNC is nothing but garbage. All I’m hearing on it is nothing but Donald Trump whining. The narrative of the DNC is make Trump look bad and make Hillary look good. A lot of Hillary ass kissing. The RNC was way more interesting to watch than this garbage.

The DNC is also trying to make it look like that illegal aliens are good people and they’re trying to get us to have more compassion to criminals who try to take guns from police officers. They also accuse Republicans of being “divisive” when Democrats is no different. Democrats are the most divisive people ever ’cause that’s what Black Lives Matter is all about.

The DNC sucks as expected. I watch all this and I’m like, “How can liberals take this garbage seriously?”

At the DNC there’s no American Flags on stage at all. They built a wall around the arena and there’s even a wall around the stage. That’s another example of them being “divisive”. The DNC is garbage and a total circus for sure. Die-hard liberals suck ass and the DNC is proof of that.

I’m not watching tonight’s DNC at all ’cause I can’t stomach it. I would rather watch the old school “A-Team” on Netflix instead, thank you.



DNC Trump narrative leaked for next week, DNC will be nothing but Trump bashing…

Thanks Wikileaks. Here are the spoilers for next week’s Democratic National Convention. Julian Assange just leaked the Trump Narrative for next week’s DNC. It’s no surprise that next week’s DNC will be nothing but Trump bashing ’cause I think we all predicted that but this is interesting to see what they’re gonna talk about the week before.


They’re obviously retaliating against RNC’s attacks against Clinton.


Bernie should do the smart thing and retract Hillary endorsement after DNCLeak…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts on the DNCLeak. Julian Assange has decided to expose the DNC for screwing Bernie Sanders out of the election. They were planning to expose Sanders of his atheism and it is now proven that the Democrat election was completely rigged.

Thing is Bernie Sanders thought Hillary cared for him after all this time but she never did. She just wanted to take his supporters. She wanted his voters.

I know I used to bash the hell out of Bernie Sanders but I’ll admit now that I’m actually feeling bad for him. Bernie is being treated unfairly by Democrats just like Trump is being treated unfairly by the GOP. We all know how popular Bernie is. It’s just that the media won’t be honest about it. Media tries to make it look like Hillary is more popular than Bernie.

Even Bernie himself can be a very naive man. He thought Democrats backed him but he thought wrong. I think that is why Donald Trump suggested Bernie to run as an independent which is a smart thing to do.

Although I still think Bernie’s policies and ideas are pretty whacky, I guess he’ll have my support now after the DNC leak. Hillary is not popular at all. Nobody likes her but she made it through the primaries with a rigged system.

Ya know something? For many years, I’ve tried to warn you all that elections are rigged. All you guys did was laugh at my face and denied it all. Maybe you blog readers would realize now that rigged election systems are real. 2016 really is the year when everyone realizes on both sides of the spectrum that elections are rigged.

I do find it amazing, though that I’m seeing a lot of Trump supporters defending Bernie Sanders now after the DNC Leak. Probably because we believe in “freedom of speech” and the freedom to vote for whoever who you want.

Not only that Sanders has been screwed by Democrats, even liberals has been screwed by their own party. Democrats don’t care about you. They want Hillary to be president and they would do anything it takes to make Hillary president. They don’t care if it breaks the law and they don’t care if they do crazy things to get her to win.

While this is pretty disturbing, it’s not shocking or surprising though. The Democrat party has always been corrupt and it’s nice to see that liberals are finally starting to realize it.


The punishment Bradley Manning is about to get is the same punishment Obama should be getting…

So let me get this straight?? When people expose the US Government for doing criminal acts like killing people, and all that stuff they get harsh prison sentences just for giving a good service to America??? This is bullshit but it is what it is. The irony of that is we have a Muslim President who killed 4 Americans at a US Embassy in Benghazi and killed another from the Mexican gun running scandals. Bradley Manning is about to go to prison for doing something “good” while we have a murderous madman like President Obama scot free and nothing’s done about him. Barack Obama should be getting the same punishment Bradley is getting. Spending years behind bars. If you think Obama attacking a US Embassy in Benghazi isn’t worthy of a lengthy prison sentence (w/ possible death penalty), then you’re delusional.

It’s good that Manning has been acquitted of “aiding the enemy” but he’s been found guilty for Espionage and other charges. He should have been acquitted of all charges and freed but sure enough, the defendant always seem to be the guilty one. Manning didn’t kill anybody. He wasn’t violent. All he did was expose the US government killing innocent civilians in Iraq on a helicopter. I don’t see how that’s being a traitor. Manning’s probably gonna spend the rest of his life in prison, anyways.

It’s unfair. The way politics and the justice system is right now. It seems that it’s all opinion on who’s guilty or innocent these days. He’s only guilty of telling the truth. Obama gave all his power to put Manning behind bars. Watch the US government try to go after Edward Snowden next. Sure, Edward turned himself in and wanted asylum but I can still see the Obama administration going after him too. They claim they have no plans of bringing Edward back to America but don’t be surprised if they do that anyway.

Obama should be the one who should be spending the rest of his life behind bars. You know it’s coming for him, sooner or later.


Who thinks Bradley Manning should be acquitted? *raises hand*

I didn’t think Bradley Manning do anything criminal. He just wanted to bring stuff to America’s attention. Leaking videos and confidential information to Wikileaks is what got him in trouble. He should be looked at as an American hero, and not a criminal. I remember seeing that video on wikileaks when the U.S. were shooting down men in Baghdad. Bradley just wanted to bring things to people’s attention that American’s were killing innocent civilians and Obama locked him up trying to cover himself like usual. I don’t see how Bradley is a traitor to America. It’s Obama who is the one being the traitor.

Obama doesn’t like being accused of things. When he does, he’ll either put them in prison or kill them which is what Obama did with Benghazi with that Islamic video and why he tries to kill innocent people with illegal drones.

Bradley is about to go on trial… and I’m hoping he’ll be acquitted. Bradley didn’t have to be arrested for the wikileaks stuff. It was none other than Obama who wanted him arrested. Hopefully Bradley will be freed.

See the story, here.