Did the Clintons and Obama threaten Assange? Is that why he didn’t drop bombshell info on Hillary???

The way I’m seeing it, I think Assange was gonna drop the bombshell info on Hillary but the reason he didn’t end up doing it after all is ’cause he was threatened by the Clintons and Obama? That’s why Julian decided to release info on the elections for 10 weeks to celebrate 10 years of Wikileaks instead? That’s probably what happened. Obama and Hillary probably heard that Julian was gonna release info that could damage their reputation so they were quick to stop him.

I hate Barack Obama and the Clintons so much. They never take any responsibility for anything bad they do and think they can get away with their crimes. Both Obama and Hillary are dangerous & evil. They’re capable of anything these days. If anybody can’t see that, they’re brainwashed by the mainstream media who is very protective of them and it makes me sick really.

If Julian won’t stop Obama and Clinton then Trump will when he gets sworn in for the oval office on Jan. 20th, 2017. Trump is gonna win the election Nov. 8th so be ready. That’s why people are afraid of Trump ’cause they know he’s gonna throw Obama and Hillary in prison when elected president.



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