Will Julian Assange release devastating info that could hurt Hillary once and for all tomorrow?

Julian Assange’s “October Surprise” has been making the rounds of the web thanks to Wikileaks. Julian is planning to release devastating info about Hillary Clinton that could put an end to her presidential campaign. Even worse, it could put her political career and public life to an end. The info could finish Hillary for good.

Hopefully Julian will stay alive tomorrow so he can release the info without getting killed by Obama and Hillary with a drone strike or whatever. Obama and Hillary are no strangers to killing people when people get in their way. So don’t be surprised that you see “Julian is dead” all over the news tomorrow before the press conference in Berlin even happens. The press conference in Berlin will happen tomorrow ’cause Time Zone is difference in our time.

If Julian lives, I’m looking forward to seeing what he has for Hillary. Hopefully Julian will drop a huge bombshell on Hillary about Benghazi. Prove once and for all that she did ignore calls for help by Ambassador Stevens and prove once and for all that there was no “stand down” order.

Hopefully the info that Julian has will finish Hillary for good ’cause whatever he has up his sleeve, it could force her to drop out of the presidential race.

After Julian releases the info, he needs to stay out in hiding for a long while and have a lot of protection. Hillary and Obama are very dangerous people.

Julian’s got a lot of balls. I’ve been respecting that guy more and more.



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