Happy birthday, SRV…

Stevie Ray Vaughan, the legendary blues rock guitarist turns 62 years old if he was still alive today. If SRV was still alive now, would he still be doing his thing? Playing blues rock guitar? Oh yeah! I can’t see him giving it up ever.

I’m a big SRV fan. He’s an important hero of mine and he’s one of the very few guitarists that inspired me to pick it up and play. I even tried to learn some of his songs and guitar licks here and there when I was first starting out.

Some may think he’s overrated but I don’t think so. I thought he was a genius. He was also one of the best live performers. His studio recordings maybe good but it’s his live concerts is what mattered. LIstening to him live is way better than his studio albums.

Check out the badass performance above. I love how he makes Jimi Hendrix songs sound like his own.


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