Media living in delusional fantasy world, they think Trump is done but we’ll prove ’em wrong Nov. 8th, GET READY!!!!!!!!!!

It’s pretty shameful that media is still trying to brainwash people into thinking that Trump’s campaign is coming to an end. it’s not. Trump’s campaign is actually still very alive and well.

They think the NY Times bullshit claim on Trump’s income taxes brought him down but it didn’t. All the NYTimes story did was help make Trump even more powerful and get him even more voters.

I don’t take the NY Times or any news media sources seriously anymore that includes crap like the Washington Post, anything from NBC, CBS, NPR, etc. All on one side. Full of liberal bias everywhere, I’m so fed up and tired of the media like most Americans. We all are. That’s pretty much why we’re all supporting Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the media’s bullcrap and we just think he’s a genius for calling out the media’s crap.

The NYTimes is corrupt to the core. I know that most news media sources are pretty corrupt but the NYTimes is worse.

I hate those idiots who continue to defend Hillary and then they claim they aren’t a fan. They’re closet Hillary supporters, there’s no doubt about that. Liberals had that attitude with Obama too.



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