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Just read that bullshit anonymous NY Times op-ed everyone’s talking about… crazy shit for sure!!!

Everybody’s going off about this article all day, so I decided to give it a read myself and it’s pretty hilarious. I got a good laugh reading it, though… check it out…

I think I’ve said it in the past before that Trump is gonna hire people in his administration that can’t be trusted. There’s gonna be shady people in his administration for sure.

The writer of this article think it’s tough. It thinks it’s got Trump and think it’s gonna bring him down. Well to the writer of this stupid article, keep dreamin’. Trump is gonna be your president for another 6 years or so. There will be an easy re-election for Trump in 2020, sorry to say.

I wonder who the writer of this article is? It could be anybody working in Trump’s administration. It could be a man or a woman. The writer can’t be Steve Bannon or that Scaramucci guy ’cause those two guys are out. So the writer has to be someone else. The writer could even be Nikki Haley or even Linda McMahon, ya just never know. It can be anybody in the White House and the writer can be anybody in Trump’s cabinet.

A lot of times I feel so bad for Trump, being surrounded by a bunch of shady people that can’t be trusted. but I’m sure he’s used to it ’cause I’m sure he’s used to dealing with shady and untrustworthy people when he worked for the Trump empire in the past.

I hardly ever read the New York Times. I try to stay away from that website and not read anything off of there, but I just did it for this once out of curiosity. The funniest part about this dumb article is that it thinks it’s gonna take down Trump by invoking the 25th amendment. Well good luck with that. Now liberals go off on trying to figure out how to remove President Trump with the 25th Amendment by making ridiculous stuff that a president can be removed if he’s unfit and blah blah blah. LMAO… PLEASE!

The 25th Amendment clearly states that the only way for Mike Pence to take over as president is if the president is removed by impeachment, dies or if he resigns from office himself. That’s it, period. It doesn’t say anywhere in the 25th amendment where a president can be removed if they feel he is unfit for the job and whether or not he’s mentally stable. You freakin’ kidding me or what? WOW! The brainwashing by the left can be unreal and they are off their rocker this time. Go ahead and invoke the 25th amendment. They will go nowhere with it. Trust me!

Even if they tried impeachment, they will go nowhere with that either ’cause Trump hasn’t broken any laws as president.

Deal with it, haters. Trump 2020. Trump isn’t going anywhere for a long time. Just a bunch of crybabies who want him out and that’s it. Trump will be president until his second term is over with ’cause an easy re-election is coming for him.

The article gave me a good laugh, though. I do wanna know who the writer is and I think Trump will find out pretty soon.



Did Trump really say this about the “alt-right” aka “conservatives”? Hello, Mr. Trump we were the ones who helped get you elected!!!

Man, all those tweets that the NYTimes posted about Trump’s meeting with them. Did Trump really say all these things? That he doesn’t plan to prosecute Hilary, change his stance on Climate Change, disavowing the alt-right aka “conservatives” the people who supported and backed Trump throughout the election. Hopefully Trump will go on twitter and shoot all these things down and say the NYTimes is lying about him again. Hopefully all these quotes are fake.


Media living in delusional fantasy world, they think Trump is done but we’ll prove ’em wrong Nov. 8th, GET READY!!!!!!!!!!

It’s pretty shameful that media is still trying to brainwash people into thinking that Trump’s campaign is coming to an end. it’s not. Trump’s campaign is actually still very alive and well.

They think the NY Times bullshit claim on Trump’s income taxes brought him down but it didn’t. All the NYTimes story did was help make Trump even more powerful and get him even more voters.


I don’t take the NY Times or any news media sources seriously anymore that includes crap like the Washington Post, anything from NBC, CBS, NPR, etc. All on one side. Full of liberal bias everywhere, I’m so fed up and tired of the media like most Americans. We all are. That’s pretty much why we’re all supporting Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the media’s bullcrap and we just think he’s a genius for calling out the media’s crap.

The NYTimes is corrupt to the core. I know that most news media sources are pretty corrupt but the NYTimes is worse.

I hate those idiots who continue to defend Hillary and then they claim they aren’t a fan. They’re closet Hillary supporters, there’s no doubt about that. Liberals had that attitude with Obama too.


Do you believe that Hillary is not corrupt or criminal? Then you must read too much Washington Post or NYTimes…


There’s a certain libtard idiot reader of mine that I can think of who is a big fan of the Washington Post and no wonder this idiot has die-hard liberal views ’cause the Washington Post is nothing but a left-wing rag.

If you’re a liberal then chances are you’re gonna be a big fan of the Washington Post and The New York Times which all they do is one-sided reporting. They’re both on one side which is left-wing.

I can’t stand these two news organizations and anybody that takes them seriously is a moron. Ya know, one way that we can take our country back if this country would stop reading or watching the news like I did.

If you think the Post and the NYTimes is credible source then I feel sorry for you. They’re just lapdogs for Hillary and they are also lapdogs for Obama too. Stop reading this garbage ’cause all they do is brainwash you. They turn you into misinformed voters.

I avoid the Post and the NYTimes like the plague. Both are corrupt news organizations. Honest journalism has been long gone for years now.

This is part of why we need Donald Trump in office ’cause when he gets in office, he’s gonna change the way this country reports its news. We really need to get rid of all the liberal bias and political correctness that goes on. If you can’t see that in the media then you really are dumb.




More on that NY Times Benghazi article…

Ya know, now that it’s a possibility that Hillary Clinton could run for President in 2016 and she probably WILL BE, the news media will exploit her president run out of her Benghazi story. That NY Times Benghazi story just went viral. The internet is all over it now. The NY Times are probably happy that they got their newspaper out there more. I expect other newspapers and other media outlets to exploit the Benghazi story over Hillary’s president run. This is just the NY Times way of endorsing her presidency. Other newspapers and media outlets will do the same and try to make her look good.

I’m hoping Benghazi will ruin her chances of becoming president. If she gets elected in 2016 anyway, then our country will be messed up even more. Even if Barack Obama wasn’t responsible for the attack he is still helping to cover up this horrible crime and he’s just trying to protect people in government especially people like Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice.

Like most, I’m hoping Hillary will be arrested even before the 2016 election comes. I’m willing to bet it was her who gave the “stand down” order.

Even though that NY Times article was trying to protect Hillary, it’s STILL good enough hints that the Obama Administration were behind it — the Benghazi attack. I personally think that NY Times article was just more cover-ups by the Obama administration and they made them write that article. The NY Times tried to make it look like no terrorists were involved and it was blamed on the anti-Islamic video. I could have sworn that Gregory Hicks said in the hearings that there was no evidence of the attack being blamed on the video.

Not only liberal media is trying to protect the Hillary and the Obama administration, I think Congress is trying to help protect them too especially assholes like Darrel Issa… he’s the biggest criminal in there along with John Boehner and others.

Everybody in government wants Hillary as president and they’re doing all they can to make that happen. Their way of trying to help her campaigning.

Like I said before as the 2016 election approaches, people will never forget about Benghazi. People will always call her out on this stuff and I think Benghazi will ruin her chances. With money and power, you can betcha President Obama and Bill Clinton will help her make it far in the 2016 election.

This tragedy deserves to be solved and those 4 men deserve their justices. It’ll happen. It maybe a slow process and a long and difficult investigation but give it time, the United States will get to the bottom of it. Who ever was behind it will be held accountable… it doesn’t matter if it’s President Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, etc. They were all behind it. Benghazi is pretty serious and it can’t be ignored.



You are delusional if you honestly believe the Obama administration wasn’t responsible for the Benghazi attack of Sept. 11th 2012 that killed 4 Americans. The New York Times has been working very closely on the Benghazi case and they have discovered and proven that Al-Qaeda or other terrorists groups weren’t behind the attack. Get fucking real, people. The White House was fucking behind it. Yes I’m swearing and cussing like crazy ’cause I’m pissed off and angry.

Read more on the story, here.

Obama blamed the Benghazi attack on terrorists by calling it an “act of terror” but the NY Times found no proof of that. Obama exposed in another big lie, surprise.

I said it before and will say it again. Benghazi, an act of terror? It sure was alright. The Obama administration are a bunch of terrorists and they all need to be impeached and thrown in jail.