Is Lars Ulrich pretty much the director of Metallica? This video pretty much proves that…

Everybody would like to think that James Hetfield is the leader of Metallica and would like to think that James does all the work but not really. James does indeed work hard but it’s really Lars Ulrich, the drummer doing all the work. He’s been in charge of Metallica from day 1 ever since the band started… probably because Lars was the one who formed the band himself back in the day.

People are always hating on Lars and saying mean and nasty things about him but I can never understand why. Lars is pretty much the primary songwriter of Metallica. That dude knows what he wants out of Metallica songs. You watch all the behind the scenes stuff in the studio with Metallica, you would see Lars directing everything. He would tell James what to play. He would tell Rob what to play. He would tell Kirk what to play too. If the other guys play something that Lars doesn’t like, he’ll explain to them how to make it better. Lars is pretty honest, he knows what he likes and doesn’t like and he’s not afraid to say so.

Lars is the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for him, Metallica wouldn’t have been so successful today. Do you think James or Kirk would have made Metallica for what it is if Lars wasn’t in the band? You gotta give lots of props to Lars for his work ethic.

Lars really believes in Metallica and he’s really proud of what he does with them, you can totally see that in this video. Lars was largely responsible for Metallica’s success so I don’t understand all the hate toward the guy.

On top of that, Lars seems like a really nice dude to me. He seems fun to talk to. Ah well, haters are gonna hate, I guess.

I’m looking forward to the new Metallica album and I dig, “Moth Into Flame”.


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