Last night’s VP Debate was designed to make Tim Kaine look like a tough guy but they failed…

You know in the first presidential debate was designed to put Trump on defensive? Well looks like the VP Debate last night was pretty much the same thing. They set it up to put Gov. Mike Pence on defensive too.

Honestly, last night’s VP Debate was more entertaining than the first presidential debate. The VP Debate was also designed to make Tim Kaine look like a tough guy and it was set up to make Gov. Mike Pence look like a little baby.

Tim Kaine was a fuckin’ douchebag. WOW! What a piece of garbage that guy was. I know some of you NeverTrumpers out there don’t like Trump but you gotta admit that Kaine was a bit of an asshole even if you call yourself a liberal. Kaine wouldn’t let Mike Pence get a chance to talk.

Kaine’s performance during the debate last night, he seems scripted totally and rehearsed. I think Kaine was following orders from Hillary. The Hillary camp wrote the responses for him and they just tell him what to say. Period.

Gov. Mike Pence was a little more likeable, though. Even though Kaine was a bit aggressive, Pence stayed calm and relaxed. Pence wasn’t afraid to call out Kaine’s bullshit. I like Pence ’cause he did a better job defending Trump’s campaign and Pence did a good job explaining Trump’s policies too.

Gotta love how Kaine goes on and on and on about Trump allegedly saying bad things about Mexicans and calling the Trump team, “a campaign of insults”. The Hillary camp shouldn’t be talking ’cause Hillary insults people all the time. Hillary has said much worse things than calling Americans deplorables and basement dwellers. Hillary also called black people super-predators and she also said bad things about Mexicans… she called Latinos “Taco Bowls” through the DNC Leaks that Wikileaks released.

I also loved how Tim Kaine says that Hillary is the only one to defeat terrorism. Really? Pretty funny for him to say when Hillary didn’t do anything to stop the Benghazi attacks which led four of our own to get murdered by Muslim fanatics. I wish Pence brought up Benghazi after that.

While I do look forward to all these debates, I don’t get why they always have to be moderated by a liberal moderator all the freakin’ time. Why won’t there be a debate that is moderated by a conservative moderator so we can see the different viewpoints, ya know? Make it more fair.

While Trump is a good debater and all, I’ll have to admit… Pence does a way better job at debating than Trump. I was impressed with Pence really despite all the interruptions by Kaine. Pretty shameful that the bitchy moderator allowed Kaine to interrupt but wouldn’t allow Pence to interrupt Kaine when Pence needed to say something. I’m beginning to think that these debates are even more crooked than Hillary Clinton for sure.



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