Bernie should do the smart thing and retract Hillary endorsement after DNCLeak…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts on the DNCLeak. Julian Assange has decided to expose the DNC for screwing Bernie Sanders out of the election. They were planning to expose Sanders of his atheism and it is now proven that the Democrat election was completely rigged.

Thing is Bernie Sanders thought Hillary cared for him after all this time but she never did. She just wanted to take his supporters. She wanted his voters.

I know I used to bash the hell out of Bernie Sanders but I’ll admit now that I’m actually feeling bad for him. Bernie is being treated unfairly by Democrats just like Trump is being treated unfairly by the GOP. We all know how popular Bernie is. It’s just that the media won’t be honest about it. Media tries to make it look like Hillary is more popular than Bernie.

Even Bernie himself can be a very naive man. He thought Democrats backed him but he thought wrong. I think that is why Donald Trump suggested Bernie to run as an independent which is a smart thing to do.

Although I still think Bernie’s policies and ideas are pretty whacky, I guess he’ll have my support now after the DNC leak. Hillary is not popular at all. Nobody likes her but she made it through the primaries with a rigged system.

Ya know something? For many years, I’ve tried to warn you all that elections are rigged. All you guys did was laugh at my face and denied it all. Maybe you blog readers would realize now that rigged election systems are real. 2016 really is the year when everyone realizes on both sides of the spectrum that elections are rigged.

I do find it amazing, though that I’m seeing a lot of Trump supporters defending Bernie Sanders now after the DNC Leak. Probably because we believe in “freedom of speech” and the freedom to vote for whoever who you want.

Not only that Sanders has been screwed by Democrats, even liberals has been screwed by their own party. Democrats don’t care about you. They want Hillary to be president and they would do anything it takes to make Hillary president. They don’t care if it breaks the law and they don’t care if they do crazy things to get her to win.

While this is pretty disturbing, it’s not shocking or surprising though. The Democrat party has always been corrupt and it’s nice to see that liberals are finally starting to realize it.



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