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What will it take to get Bernie to realize that Hillary doesn’t care about him?

I’ve just read this piece by Donna Brazile who is the former chairperson for the DNC. This was an excerpt from her new book that is about to get released pretty soon. As you probably have seen in the news by now, Donna had just exposed the truth that Hillary had complete control over the DNC before she even became the nominee. She found that out through Hillary’s Joint Fundraising committee. This is no surprise really ’cause we all knew that Hillary was in control of the DNC.

Donna tried to tell Bernie Sanders about this since she found proof that Hillary was controlling the DNC to rob him of the nomination, but he showed no emotion. That’s what the word, “stoically” means.

I’ve read this piece from start to finish, it’s pretty interesting:


Bernie knows he got screwed by the DNC and Hillary, he just won’t admit it for whatever reason. What will it take to get Bernie to feel that he regretted teaming up with Hillary after losing the nomination? Looks like Donna tried to get him to regret it as you read toward the end of the article, but it seems like Bernie doesn’t give a shit.

Bernie is under the delusion of trying to bring down Trump (I think he’s being paid by Hillary to do that, btw).

No doubt, if the DNC wasn’t rigged then Bernie would have won the Democratic nomination easily. Hillary knew that… it’s why she paid the DNC to rig the election. She knew she wanted to stop Bernie from winning.

I must say though that even though it’s pretty nice to see Donna admitted the corruption of the DNC, she was part of the corruption by sending debate questions for Hillary. She was a big part of trying to help Hillary win.

I’m no Bernie fan, but I do feel sorry for him that he got screwed. Seriously, I really feel that way. Wish the old fool would wake up ’cause Hillary never cared about him. The Clintons are controlling Bernie 100%. Money and power will do that. I wish Bernie would be a man and fight back at the Clintons but when he’s 76 years old, it’s understandable that he’s too weak to fight back. I remember he tried to fight back at the Clintons for a little bit in the past which is why many Bernie supporters hate Hillary, but then he sold out his fan base by teaming up with her. I’ll never forget that.

This is an explosive story, though. Something you won’t see much in Fake News.


Thoughts on Khan vs. Trump feud…


This whole thing is hilarious. Whatever it takes to make Donald Trump look bad and make Muslims look good. The media will do anything, they don’t care what it takes.

Some of you are probably wondering what my thoughts are on this Khizr Khan vs. Donald Trump feud that just broke out in the media. Liberals, NeverTrump idiots and the media are like, “Oh no, Trump is attacking the Khan family in an interview and on twitter, boo hoo!”

This Muslim guy named Khizr Khan goes on the DNC to give a speech about his dead American Muslim son who was killed in war and then attacks Donald Trump for no reason at all in his speech.

In an ABC interview, Trump responds to Khan’s speech saying that Trump wishes Khizr Khan nothing but the best and then goes on to say that Khan’s wife Ghazala didn’t participate in the speech ’cause she wasn’t allowed to by the speech writers. What happens after Trump made that statement about Ghazala? Yes, that’s right… Khizr Khan does a long string of interviews attacking Trump even more and then the media attacks Trump even more as well… accusing Trump of attacking Ghazala when he didn’t. From what I saw Trump never attacked anyone. Just simply called out “Radical Islamic Terrorism” being the problem, sure enough… media attacks Trump for it.

All I see is it’s just the media trying to make Muslims look good. Still trying to brainwash us into thinking that Muslims are good people and heroic. In my eyes, Khizr Khan is the new “clock boy”.

Trump never attacked anybody, just said, “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and everyone is like, “Oh no, Trump is a bad man”. Pretty fucked up. *sigh*… people, geez…

Since liberals and NeverTrumpers are outraged over this Trump vs. Khan thing, how come nobody cared about the families of the victims that were killed during Benghazi attacks? Like the meme said above, mother of Benghazi victim speaks about dead son = attacked by media and Khizr Khan speaks about dead son at DNC = praised by media. Pat Smith who is the mother of Sean Smith (killed during Benghazi attack), Pat was threatened to get beat up for attacking Hillary and she got attacked like mad. Khan attacks Trump at DNC, he gets praised and people worship him for it? Wow. This is even more fucked up. Can you see the liberal bias at all? Can you?

Since the families of Benghazi victims were viciously attacked by liberals and the media all the time, I don’t care if your feelings were hurt that Trump goes after the Khan family. if anything, Khizr Khan started it. You want to go after Mr. Trump? Well then, he’s gonna respond in some way so you better not cry when Trump does respond. Funny how people play innocent victim when Trump responds to attacks aimed at him.

I know the feeling ’cause people do the same thing with me. People think they have the right to attack me all they want to… I respond then I’m the bad guy all of a sudden. Weird how that works.



Thoughts on the DNC in Philadelphia so far…


Welp, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton is finally official for Nov. 8th, General Election. It’s what I’ve been predicting for many months ever since this election started and my prediction turned out right. I can’t tell you how many times that people didn’t believe me that it would be Trump vs. Clinton but I proved them wrong. Maybe you should listen to me more often, hey?

Another thing that proved me right is that elections being rigged and voter fraud is real. Do you believe me now, idiots? For a long time now on my blogs, I’ve been trying to teach you guys about rigged elections but all you did was laugh at my face. Then here comes Wikileaks giving us the hard proof that rigged elections are real. I hate to be one of those who say, “I told you so” but yeah, “I told you so”.

As far as this stuff with Bernie goes, this stuff is nothing new guys. Presidential candidates sell out their fan base all the time. It  happens. It’s politics. Get over it. Yeah, it’s sad and unfair that Bernie is being treated this way but in reality, Bernie screwed himself. Ya know, Bernie is a guy who has been saying that elections are rigged for months before he decided to sell out to Hillary. Bernie turned out right and he ends up teaming up with someone who rigged the system. Bernie had a chance to fight the “rigged system” and the establishment but the old man blew it. He really did. Bernie could have won the nomination yesterday ’cause he was that close to beating Hillary. I watched the DNC roll call yesterday, it was interesting to say the least.

As far as the DNC event goes this week, it’s pathetic. All of it. I’m not gonna watch it at all tonight ’cause I can’t stomach that bullshit anymore. Seriously, the DNC is nothing but garbage. All I’m hearing on it is nothing but Donald Trump whining. The narrative of the DNC is make Trump look bad and make Hillary look good. A lot of Hillary ass kissing. The RNC was way more interesting to watch than this garbage.

The DNC is also trying to make it look like that illegal aliens are good people and they’re trying to get us to have more compassion to criminals who try to take guns from police officers. They also accuse Republicans of being “divisive” when Democrats is no different. Democrats are the most divisive people ever ’cause that’s what Black Lives Matter is all about.

The DNC sucks as expected. I watch all this and I’m like, “How can liberals take this garbage seriously?”

At the DNC there’s no American Flags on stage at all. They built a wall around the arena and there’s even a wall around the stage. That’s another example of them being “divisive”. The DNC is garbage and a total circus for sure. Die-hard liberals suck ass and the DNC is proof of that.

I’m not watching tonight’s DNC at all ’cause I can’t stomach it. I would rather watch the old school “A-Team” on Netflix instead, thank you.



DNC Trump narrative leaked for next week, DNC will be nothing but Trump bashing…

Thanks Wikileaks. Here are the spoilers for next week’s Democratic National Convention. Julian Assange just leaked the Trump Narrative for next week’s DNC. It’s no surprise that next week’s DNC will be nothing but Trump bashing ’cause I think we all predicted that but this is interesting to see what they’re gonna talk about the week before.


They’re obviously retaliating against RNC’s attacks against Clinton.