MSM are the new tabloids, Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a real journalist, keep up the great work Julian!

Why did Trump win and why did Hillary lose? Thank Julian for that. If it wasn’t for Julian then maybe this election would have had a different outcome and we would have gotten Hillary instead. Thank god for Julian and Wikileaks.

Liberals believed that Wikileaks was a “liberal” site ’cause when Wikileaks first started, they first exposed the Bush’s and they became a hero to liberals. Now liberals are upset at Wikileaks ’cause they exposed the media and Democrat politicians. Well, I got news for ya, it doesn’t matter what your views are… Wikileaks will tell the truth either way.

Wikileaks proved that the media and DNC rigged the election. They proved that Bernie was robbed of nomination and was paid off by Hillary.

Julian is one of the few real journalists left around. I think Julian should get his own news show on TV, would be pretty cool.



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