Yes, NeverTrumpers, things are gonna be okay when Trump gets in office, we will be VERY OK!!!

Will people who are against Trump admit that he was the right choice after all when:

  • Jobs start coming back. All the businesses in America whether big chain businesses or small local businesses will start hiring people like crazy. Americans will start working again. Working good jobs of all kinds and start making good money again. 
  • Crime rates in America start to go way down. The deportation of illegal aliens will help crime rates go way down for sure. Also, Americans being allowed to carry a legal gun would help too. Giving law enforcement and our police their respect back again and that would help bring  crime rate down. Trump brings crime rate down in America, we no longer have to look over our shoulder everywhere we go. 
  • The country is united. Liberals and conservatives finally get along. We stop this back and forth hating. Also, people of all color comeback together and unify. 
  • Trump gives more rights to the LGBT community. Trump has always been pro gay marriage and pro gay rights so I don’t get why the left have to continue to hate him. Media wants to continue to act like he’s the enemy toward the gay community but he isn’t. He’s very friendly with the gay community always has been. I don’t think he’s gonna reverse gay marriage at all. He even said that in that 60 minutes interview. Said has no plans to. 
  • Hospitals start to get better care. I noticed a lot of people having a lot of issues in the hospital when they get sick or injured or whatever. They’re having terrible care and I pretty much blame that on Obamacare really. Obamacare is damaging the hospital system. I think Trump  will take care of all that. 
  • America makes piece with other countries and buries the hatchet with other political figures around the world. Trump is already doing that. Russia and Syria both agreed to work with Trump for peace and I think others will follow. Will Iran even agree with peace with the USA? Only time will tell. 
  • Trump actually drains the swamp  and gets rid of all the corrupted politicians and news journalists in the MSM. Hopefully that will happen. 
  • USA starts to get better infrastructure. Trump starts to do the things like he promises. This is the thing that Bernie wants too. Better roads, better bridges, repairing buildings, cleaning the streets and all that stuff. I’m agreeing that our infrastructure is a problem and a lot of our cities and small towns are a shithole. We deserve better. 
  • Trump gets rid of Obamacare and gets better healthcare for all. Ya know, when Trump gets a better healthcare replacement, I’ll look into it and might consider enrolling into Trumpcare. 
  • Trump takes out dangerous terrorists groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. 

I can keep going all day but you get the idea. Just give Trump a chance is all I ask for. Don’t be quick to assume he’s gonna be a horrible president. Give him time.




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