Still not that flexible in yoga yet but I’ll get there…

I’ve been onto Yoga for a little over a month now. Been taking yoga sessions like once a week at the Y. I’m gonna have to start buying Yoga DVD’s so I can start doing my own yoga sessions at home for a couple of days a week. I’m really loving Yoga. It’s really awesome and feels real good. I am getting better at balancing ’cause I practice that everyday. Getting good with balancing does take a lot of practice and work. Same with getting flexible. I don’t have a flexible body at all but I want it, though. It’s gonna be a long while for me to get real flexible. If I keep at it, before you know it, I’ll be able to bring my leg high up above my head and will be able to do splits and all that stuff.

Yoga is a great feeling ’cause it’s a great stress reliever. Probably the best stress reliever out there. It helps make you happy, more confident, more positive and all that stuff.

Once I start getting good with Yoga, I’ll videotape myself doing some poses for ya. There are only a few certain poses I can’t do ’cause of my harrington rod ’cause metal can’t bend but I’m able to do most Yoga poses just fine.

I hate most fitness style workouts like zumba, hip hop dancing, spinning and all that crap… I feel that Yoga and Boxing is best for me. I love doing both.

For the past month I’ve been doing both, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten stronger and feeling a bit of a change. I don’t have to lift weights in the gym as much anymore ’cause Yoga and boxing will get you in shape pretty good. I only lift weights in the gym like once or twice a week now.

I suck at jump roping but getting a lot better at that too the more I practice. Not bad for someone who is about to turn 40 soon. I plan to stay dedicated to boxing and yoga for a pretty long time. Will stick with it throughout 2017. As for boxing, that’s going real good too. I really want to learn to fight better and the boxing teacher has been teaching me a lot which I feel grateful. Hopefully someday I’d like to do some sparring when the time is right. Would be fun.

I just felt I had to do some different kinds of workouts, ya know? Lifting weights in the gym can be boring after a while and I want to do something more exciting and fun. Boxing and yoga is fun and I’d rather stick with those.



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