If you want your popular vote, here ya go…

You want the popular vote? Well, here ya go. Hillary is in the blue. Trump in the red. If we get rid of the electoral college then it wouldn’t have made any difference. Trump would still win either way. Stop acting like Hillary is more popular ’cause you know she’s not. People on both sides of the spectrum hates her guts.

You guys gotta stop reading the garbage MSM ’cause all they do is brainwash you fake bullshit. Quit reading the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and stop resharing memes from that garbage “Occupy Democrats” FB.

They were the ones who told you Trump is gonna lose and sad many of you believed them. I warned ya many times Trump is gonna win by a landslide but sure enough, ya didn’t listen.


I also believe it’s funny how people made an issue of the “electoral college” until now. It hasn’t been a problem until now. Hmmm, now that you think of it, I wonder if leftards would cry, “Get rid of the electoral college” if John McCain won the 2008 election and Mitt Romney won the 2012 election. I know they didn’t win but what if? If they did win those elections, I’m sure they would be crying “electoral college”.

Trump won fair & square idiots. The American people has spoken. Silent majority is no longer silent. Get over yourselves.




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