If you prefer Hillary over Trump then you’re a brainwashed dumbass who needs to get educated…

Those who didn’t want Trump to win the election are the ones who secretly prefers Hillary more. I understand that some of you don’t like either one but if you believe that Hillary is the lesser of two evils then you’re one brainwashed and uneducated fuck. That’s what the media wants you to believe.

If you prefer a criminal and murderer over a person who says things on twitter and in the media, that’s fine by me. Hillary left 4 American men in Benghazi dead and I can’t support Hillary voters for that reason.

Once again, there are those that are upset with the election results but they refuse to publicly admit whether they voted for Hillary or not. Some did but not many.

You should be thankful that we didn’t get Hillary. Media tried their best to make her look like a “sweetheart” but they failed. They failed big time. We all knew that the media was lying about her. Trying to make her look like a good woman when the reality is she’s a corrupted piece of shit. A liar, murderer and all-around bad person. She’s also very sick, an alcoholic and she has a violent temper I hear. Even Bernie admitted she was unfit to be president until he sold his soul to the devil.

Some of you guys prefer that instead of Trump??? I’m glad she’s been defeated and glad she’s gone. Good fucking riddance. Hillary voters are uneducated and one-sided losers. Brainwashed by liberal media. Keep reading the Washington Post  or Occupy Democrats or whatever liberal garbage you follow.

I don’t care what liberals have to say anymore ’cause liberalism is getting weaker and weaker which is about time.



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