I’ll never forget that time when Teenage Casket Company made a shirt with my name it…

The Teenage Casket Company, a band from Nottingham UK is playing their final and last show ever. The band has decided to breakup and call it quits. While it’s sad, I can understand ’cause bands wants to move on to other things sometimes. The TCC is a great band and I’ve been a loyal fan to this band ever since I shared a gig with them back in 2006 when they came to Troy, N.Y. We played at a venue called the Hudson Duster which is no longer in business.

Ever since that gig, I’ve gotten more support from TCC fans who stayed loyal to me to this day which means a lot. I’ve even made a few great friends from Nottingham who I keep in touch with on a regular basis.

I believe when The Erotics called themselves, the “Ebrocktics” was a reference to me. Whether they were making fun of me or not, either way, it’s still great publicity so I thank them for that.

I wish I could go to the final TCC show this Friday night in Nottingham. Wished I saved up a bunch of money to go ’cause I would have went to Nottingham to see them and to visit a friend that I have there. I will definitely go to Nottingham someday, though.

The TCC rocks and I dig the Erotics too. Because of that show at the Hudson Duster that helped me get more publicity from the Nottingham UK which feels real good.

Check out the TCC in the videos below. They’re a rocking band.



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