Trump deserves a nice private time with his family, piss off media!!!!!

Ya know, Mr. Trump deserves a nice private evening with his family after a really tough election. They need to leave his private life alone and stay out of his business. Now the media seems to want to watch Mr. Trump like a hawk and act like they’re his babysitters or something. Oh please.

I can’t blame Mr. Trump for going out on a nice dinner with his kids which he once again, totally deserves after a tough and overwhelming election.

Now that he’s president elect, he deserves a nice time out before the big job in Jan ’cause he won’t be able to do things like this for the next several years. He won’t be like Obama… going on vacations, going golfing, giving speeches at fundraisers, etc. Trump is not gonna be that type of president. How come the media never went after Obama for going on these vacations and going golfing which Obama did throughout most of presidency?

Media wants to get onto Trump on “transparency”. Well, how come they never went after Obama for “transparency” like the sealed birth certificate, sealed birth records and sealed college records/transcripts? Where was the media when Obama was in the middle of these scandals like the IRS and Benghazi? Where was Obama during the Benghazi attack? How come the media never got to him about that? Ya wanna talk about transparency, hah?

Yet the media cries about Trump not giving them the heads-up about going to dinner with his family? Ya know, MSM, Trump can do whatever he pleases and since you MSM treated him so fucking horribly, I can’t blame him for ignoring your ass. He doesn’t have to tell you where he’s going ’cause you’re not his babysitters, MSM, so back the fuck off and eat a bag of dicks, you fucking losers.



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